Meghan Markle’s necklace has a hidden meaning. The pattern is not accidental

Meghan Markle, during her first appearance since the birth of her daughter, presented herself in subtle jewelry: a beautiful necklace, the pattern of which is not accidental at all. Which means?

Meghan Markle presented herself in the first speech since the birth of her daughter. Harry’s beloved was wearing a casual outfit with a subtle necklace. As it turns out, Meghan’s jewelry is not accidental.

For her first public appearance on her 40th birthday, Meghan wore gold diamond necklaces from local designer Logan Hollowell. The stones are arranged in them like the star constellations: the Taurus constellation and the Gemini constellation. Interestingly, Taurus is Archie’s zodiac sign, and his younger sister, Lilibet, was born under the sign of Gemini.

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Meghan Markle’s necklace has a hidden meaning. The pattern is not accidental

It is worth noting that Meghan’s wearing necklaces is a real advertisement for a Los Angeles jewelry designer who sells necklaces for $ 1,600 (Taurus) and $ 1,785 (Gemini). You have to pay about PLN 13,000 for the entire set.

Meghan Markle celebrated its 40th birthday on August 4. On the occasion of her holiday, she published a video that also touched on a certain topic.

“On the occasion of my 40th birthday, I had an idea. Since I am turning 40, I am asking 40 friends to spend 40 minutes of their time helping a woman who returns to work. Over two million women in the United States alone and tens of millions worldwide have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. I think that if we all commit to it and we all commit ourselves to some help, we can create a domino effect “- Markle said.

This is not the first time that Meghan chooses symbolic jewelry for an important speech. In 2016, she wore a necklace with the letters “H” and “M”. In this way, she wanted to communicate to everyone that she was very close to Harry. However, during the famous interview with Oprah Winfrey, Markle wore a bracelet of Princess Diana.

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