Meloni at a crossroads, the first test will be the Minister of Economy-

from Aldo Cazzullo

On which path Giorgia Meloni will choose our (precarious) economic health and our future in Europe troubled by the war raging on its eastern borders depend

For almost thirty years Europe has been indignant, e the right has been around for almost thirty years more or less populist in majority in the polls (with the ephemeral exception of Prodi’s 24,000 more votes in 2006), and when united he wins. A sign that indignation is useless. A bit of a legitimate concern, however. Now Giorgia Meloni in front of a crossroads. Between instinct and reason. Between sovereigns and pro-Europeans. Between protectionists and liberals.

On the one hand, the road that leads to yours traditional alliances: Viktor Orban in Budapest, Jarosław Kaczyński in Warsaw, Marine Le Pen in Paris, Santiago Abascal in Madrid. On the other, the road that it leads to who really rules Europe: Ursula von der Leyen in Brussels, Christine Lagarde in Frankfurt, Olaf Scholz in Berlin, Emmanuel Macron in Paris. to the popular party leader Alberto Nez Feijo).

On which path Giorgia Meloni will choose our (precarious) economic health and our future in Europe troubled by the war raging on its eastern borders depend. The sovereignists are not a monolith. The Hungarian government is Putin’s best friend; the Polish one is Zelensky’s best friend. Orban talks about the defense of the “white race”; Abascal theorizes the hibernosphere, invites Venezuelans to come to Spain, puts forward the anti-Castro Cubans. As for Marine Le Pen, technically in Europe she is part of Salvini’s group and not of Meloni’s. However, let’s not fool ourselves: the roots and heart of the first female prime minister are on that side.

Then for there is reality. There is a country that sails towards i three trillion euros of public debt, and not bankrupt because that debt actually guaranteed by the Germans, owned for at least 10% by the French, financed by the European Central Bank, relieved of the common debt launched by the Brussels Commission. This obviously cannot and must not please us. For the bitter fate of those who have all the negative records of Europe, of those who have fewer children and have fewer inhabitants at work, of those who have more tax evaders and more young people who do not look for work, of those who are unable to spend public money on construction sites, projects, infrastructures but only on subsidies. A country like this must be profoundly changed.

We all hope that Meloni succeeds where center-right, center-left, grillini have failed. However, there is only one thing that such a country absolutely must avoid: break with Europe. On many issues, but first of all on Ukraine, on energy policy, on keeping public accounts. In the election campaign, apart from the crushes of recent days for Orban and Abascal, Meloni gave assurances on these three points. We’ll see if it’s consistent now. The choice of the Minister of Economy, to be agreed with Sergio Mattarella, will be the first test.

true that Brothers of Italy has collected a protest vote, antisystem. But he also garnered the vote of the moderates who – as he said to the Courier Fedele Confalonieri on the eve of Draghi’s fall – they saw in the Meloni the leader able to bring the center-right back to Palazzo Chigi after eleven years. On the other hand, Europe too would commit a grave mistake in treating Italy from top to bottom. The past proves that interference doesn’t helpif anything, they reinforce the anti-European spirit. The warning from von der Leyen on the eve of the vote – “we have the tools …” -, and the reprimand of the French Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne the next day – “we will watch …” -, as if Italy were a country to be kept under protection, risk being counterproductive. Scholz and Macron also have sovereignists at home. Pushing Meloni in that direction doesn’t even suit them. In reverse, Berlin and Paris have every interest in building a respectful and productive relationship with the new Italian government. Macron gave a signal in this direction yesterday, reiterating that, of course, France respects the outcome of the Italian vote.

After all, Meloni is asked for nothing different from what it has always promised: assert the national interest. And at this moment the national interest is in dialogue in Europe, without receiving orders but also without pretending to give them (other than “finished the free ride”). The best way to permanently distance yourself from the ghosts of the past, from extreme nationalism, from protectionism, from corporatism, a great investment in freedom. Freedom to undertake, to take risks, to work, even to earn more, once tax obligations have been fulfilled. Betting on Italians and Europeansnot as two contradicting things but as two sides of the same coin, the only way that Giorgia Meloni has not to end up like Grillo, Renzi, Salvini and other fleeting falls in love.

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