Meloni should be called “the Prime Minister”: the communication of Palazzo Chigi to the ministries

Call Giorgia Meloni “Mr. President of the Council of Ministers”. The official communication reached all the ministries. From Palazzo Chigi, with the signature of Carlo Deodato, new secretary general of the Prime Minister’s office at the bottom. To the general amazement, he is not a fake. In the evening, however, the clarification arrives: Meloni wants to be called in the male, “the prime minister”, not “the prime minister”.

This is the text of the circular sent by Deodato “to all ministries”: “For appropriate information, we inform you that the title to be used for the President of the Council of Ministers is: ‘The President of the Council of Ministers, Hon. Giorgia Meloni’ “.

Already in the notes sent by her communication staff to journalists, the leader of the Brothers of Italy is called “the Prime Minister”. Now the grammatical choice appears in an official circular.

In the evening comes the clarification, by Carlo Deodato himself: the staff of Meloni corrects and asks to delete the word “Mr.”: “With reference to the note with which it was communicated as the title to be used for the Prime Minister, the words” the Mr. President of the Council of Ministers “, it is specified that this formula was adopted by the offices of the Presidency as indicated as the most correct by the Office of the State Ceremonial and Honors. However, the President of the Council, Hon. Giorgia Meloni , asks that the title to be used in institutional communications be “The President of the Council of Ministers”. Therefore, it is requested not to take into account the note in question, as it has been replaced by the present one “.

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