Menabrea beer, stop (for one day) to production due to lack of carbon dioxide –

The lack of carbon dioxide also stops the production of Menabrea beer in Biella. The plant was closed on 20 September because – the ceo Franco Thedy explains to the Corriere – the deliveries of carbon dioxide are slow, but the production has already restarted and given the approach of winter (season in which consumption drops ed) we count on the fact that the problem does not repeat itself because the production will be lower. Thanks to the delay in the delivery of CO2 and the strong demand for beer, which this year went very well due to the prolonged heat, the distribution of Menabrea beer kegs was slowed down.

The brewery

The Menabrea Brewery is the oldest active in Italy. Its history begins in 1846 and unites around five generations. In recent years Menabrea has confirmed a constantly growing trend, going from an average of 10 million in the early 2000s to 35 million in 2021 with a production of around 200,000 hectoliters per year. The company is present in 39 countries around the world, exports are worth 10% of turnover.

Carlsberg: We recover the CO2 produced

Carlsberg also risked stopping production in Poland due to the same problem, but at the moment Carlsberg Italia – explains Diego Volpi, Supply Chain Director – was not particularly impacted by the CO2 shortage, both thanks to Carlsberg’s global network and covered by strong partnerships. able to guarantee the supply of CO2, both thanks to the investments made by the company in the Angelo Poretti Brewery in Induno Olona (Varese) which allow us to efficiently recover the CO2 produced during fermentation.

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