Messi t-shirt sales surpass Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United

Lionel Messi’s shirts at Paris Saint-Germain are selling more than Cristiano Ronaldo’s at Manchester United.

It is worth mentioning, that both players changed teams recently. The 37-year-old Portuguese star has returned to the Red Devils after playing for 12 years at Real Madrid. The Argentine forward, who plays for PSG, has also played for Spanish football. They were years dedicated to Barcelona.

Messi and Ronaldo did not have great prominence in their respective clubs last season, however there was growth in the number of shirt sales. The Argentine surpassed the Portuguese, who was the record holder in September last year. On that occasion, 187.1 million pounds were accounted for in Cristiano’s uniform, against 103.8 million for Lionel.

However, the numbers have changed and show a new reality. PSG’s number 30 shirts are more sought after in the market than Manchester’s number 7. It is estimated that 60% of sales are associated with Lionel Messi’s uniform.

Regarding possible values, the Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported the amount of 800 thousand pounds in the first three hours of marketing, which represents a record for the Paris team.

In an interview with “Spanish news outlet”, one of PSG’s shirt sales partners, Marc Armstrong revealed the size of the impact Messi had on the French club’s sales. Check out:

“Demand grew by an average of 30 to 40%. When a contract of this size happens, as is the case with Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United, you start to think that he will earn according to sales. But that’s not what happens. You can’t produce many extra shirts. The agreement is there to guarantee the bare minimum but we couldn’t beat the demand for Lionel Messi’s shirts. We hit the ceiling.”

Finally, he highlighted the importance of the Argentine ace to the team, which contributed to propel PSG to the top of the world.

“No one can handle this demand. We are already selling a lot of shirts, maybe even more than any other club in the world because of just one player and that puts us on another level.”

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