Metal Gear Solid 5’s Kojima’s Cut: Fans Are Clamoring for It

The legendary Hideo Kojima has recently expressed his particular appreciation for a film that has caused much discussion: Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

After all, the creator of Metal Gear Solid 5 is about to strike a deal, so it’s obvious that his name is back on the front pages.

In fact, there is talk of an exclusive project for Xbox consoles, as widely rumored in recent weeks.

All, of course, in the tsunami of indiscretions that see Hideo implicated in the mysterious horror known as Abandoned.

Now, on Twitter, Kojima has praised the fine comic based on DC Comics characters, underlining how this new version is much better than the previous one.

In particular, Kojima loved the new representation of Flash and Cyborg, also taking note of Snyder’s unique creative choices, including the decision to offer a four-hour show in 4: 3 format.

Here are the words of the histrionic Japanese author (via GamesRadar ):

The Flash and Cyborg characters have been reinforced. The 4: 3 format, the darker tone of color correction, the slow motion, the digital art direction, the Superman dressed in black … He’s not so much a cut Snyder as he is a real ‘universe’ apart, for good and in the bad. For him, this is ‘justice’.

Predictably, a huge number of fans asked Kojima to make a real Kojima’s Cut off Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a game plagued by development problems and a patently unfinished story.

In 2015 Kojima officially left Konami, devoting himself entirely to his new development studio, Kojima Productions.

Although a revised and corrected version of Metal Gear Solid V is currently rather unlikely, it must be said that Death Stranding: The Director’s Cut was really announced to the whole world just a few weeks ago.

But not only that: Kojima recently discussed how his work has changed after COVID.

Finally, speaking of unrealizable desires (or maybe not), in addition to a new chapter of  Silent HillBloober Team has three other horror video games in development, in collaboration with the European Union.

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