Mexico: A car with the bodies of 10 people left in front of the state headquarters

SUV car, who had already aroused suspicions by the police while driving through the city streets, was left behind in a festively decorated square Thursday morning local time. The driver ran away.

State of Zacatecas is one of these regions Mexicowhere it is noted the most homicidesmainly in fights between rival gangs. According to official data, in 2021 this state was recorded up to 1050 kills, 260 more than in 2020.

For 15 years, when the then president of the country Felipe Calderon started a war against drug cartels, Mexico struggling with a wave of violence and is an arena of bloody fights between government forces and gangs, but also between criminal groups themselves, as a result of which since 2006 350,000 people diedand approximately 96,000 were lost.

Current President Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Thursday that last year, compared to the previous year, the homicides dropped in Mexico by 4 percent up to 33 thousand.

German dpa points out that powerful Mexican drug cartels and other criminal groups still have close ties to corrupt politicians and security forces.


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