Miami’s Wives. Aneta Glam’s 70-year-old partner is a PIONEER in the technology industry! We all know his inventions

Aneta “Glam” Kurp Recently, it is becoming more and more recognizable due to participation in the latest show Miami wives. The program is the spiritual heir to the almost cult already Hollywood wives. Among all the participants, Aneta looks like one of the more positive characters. It looks equally nice to her 70-year-old partner and sponsor of all comforts – George. It was clear from the beginning that the man was fabulously wealthy. However, we did not expect that he made his fortune by turning world trade upside down. Well, our Polish Anetka has not just anyone!

George R Wallner was born in 1951 in Hungary. There he later studied electrical engineering at the Kando Kalman faculty of the Obuda University in Budapest. After graduation, he joined the army in 1970. Three years later he found himself in Australia, where in 1978 he founded the Hypercom Corporation. The company was responsible for introduction of the first payment terminals in Asia and the Pacific. Wallner even sold his ideas to American Express. By 1997, his company had risen to number one in the world, eventually making its debut on the New York Stock Exchange that same year.


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Wallner alone has over 20 patents. Nielson’s report even named it one of the most influential people in the world in the field of electronic payments. Without having to worry about the cost of living, Aneta Glam’s partner retired in 2004. Since then, he has undertaken a few more new projects.

In his spare time, George enjoys private yacht cruises, scuba diving and paddleboarding. He has one son. He met the hit Polish woman 10 years ago.


You would expect an inventor and entrepreneur to find a common language with a personality as colorful as Aneta from Miami wives?

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