Michal Dole¿al already knows what went wrong. The mystery of speed was solved

Piotr Majchrzak: Did you sleep well after the weekend? Any anxiety in your staff crept?

Michal Doleżal: It is obvious that it is not pleasant. We drove here with other plans but it didn’t work out. We have analyzed everything. On Monday, the jumpers had the opportunity to train on the hill. We checked a few things and it looked okay.

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New season, new hopes. “Kubacki can do everything. It could be his winter”

Can you reveal what exactly did you check? Because Kamil Stoch gave Eurosport quite an interesting statement. He said that technically everything is fine, you just have to look for somewhere outside the hill, but not for training, but for something else. Was it, for example, about the equipment?

And I don’t even know what Kamil might have meant. But it’s interesting, so I’ll ask him myself (laughs). Today we talked with Kamil mainly about his jumps and this is what we focus on.

And how was Monday’s training?

Okay in my opinion. We checked a few things. The jumpers gave three training attempts each and it looked fine and in this direction you have to continue working in Kuusamo. Stefan Hula managed to show much better jumps. Andrzej Stękała also checked some details. Kuba Wolny made one very good jump, where you could see how the threshold gave him power. What Kuba needed most was this first phase of flight right on the threshold. And in the case of Kamil and Dawid the jumps were just fine.

Do you already have any conclusions? It was evident that our jumpers were as if without power, a characteristic departure from the threshold. There was a statement about the so-called “concrete legs”. Is it the lack of freshness?

– After analyzing, we know that this energy was on the threshold, it only came out in the wrong direction. Even after the imitation of the reflection, I could not see, for example, that the legs were not working properly. Even that worked fine. On Tuesday, we will still train in the gym and we will see what it will look like. We have our program before the next competition in Kuusamo. And I hope it gets better.

So it’s not like there was some harder training at the end of the preparations and you had to “get sick” a little bit.

– It is known that the training was stronger, but the last weeks were arranged so that there was not so much of this training. Anyway, the physical tests also showed us that the players did well until the very end.

You allow more than one shift to Kuusamo, as long as they are all healthy, of course?

We only plan to change for Klimek and we are going to Kuusamo with the group that started. Then, of course, there is Wisła, where the other players will join, and after Wisła we will make decisions.

Piotr Żyła on the conditions of Murańka's isolation: I have no idea what it wasThe miserable conditions of Murańka in isolation in Russia. Żyła: I have no idea what it was

Before the season, there was a lot of talk about small ski problems, but looking at the speeds, you probably don’t have a problem with the service. Żyła is the most different in speeds, but this is probably the result of problems in the inrun position.

For Piotr, losses in speed were clearly visible and for him it is always the effect of the inrun position. I think that everything has to be “released” a little longer and it should start to drive normally.

On Monday Żyła was not on the hill. Everything is fine?

Yes, Piotrek is doing well. No problem. But he needs to calm his head, stabilize himself. When he gets slack and his legs start to work better, everything will look different.

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