Michelle Hunziker on the flashback with Tomaso Trussardi

The announcement of the separation between Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi dates back to 18 January 2022: from that moment the curiosities about the new acquaintances of the two celebrities have conquered the pages of gossip weeklies. It is in one of these magazines that the showgirl talked about her possible return with her ex-husband.

Michelle and Tomasofrom the moment of their separation, they have kept confidentiality about their relationship and their new flames. After ten years and two daughters togetherCeleste and Sole, had communicated the decision of break up with. After less than a year Michelle speaks openly to the German magazine Bunte of his considerations onlove and his personal experience. On the other hand the “back and forth” celebrity couples are numerous, but whether or not you are famous, before get back with an ex it is good to reflect for a long time on implications of this choice.

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Michelle Hunziker on the return with Tomaso Trussardi

In the interview given to BunteGerman gossip magazine, Michelle has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors who would see the return of the flame with the ex-husband Tomaso: “Everything is possible. In love, even the impossible it can happen. Now I am 45 years old and I know that black and white does not exist “, declared the showgirl and from her words it seems that a rapprochement is possible, if not indeed already in progress.
It then entered into the merits of the end of relationship with Trussardialthough the real reasons for the breakup remain private: “Of course I missed something in my marriageotherwise we would not have broken up. Married life does not mean that the person next to you belongs to you, don’t take it for granted that there is. No, you have to do something good for yourself everyday”, Said a Bunte.

The gossip about new partners

For many months the spotlight has been on the couple and theirs life after separation. In the first months of the announcement, interest has focused on new acquaintances of the presenter and the entrepreneur: the presenter would have had one relationalready finishedwith the surgeon and former Big Brother competitor Giovanni Angiolini. The entrepreneur would instead be dating Pamela Barrettaformer tronista of the Men and Women program.
In recent months, however, some clues they would have implied a rapprochement between the two former spouses: the wedding ring reappeared in Michelle’s left hand, the (alleged) night that Tomaso would have spent at his ex-wife’s house, and finally the celebration together daughter Sun’s ninth birthday. And now statements from Michellewhich on love affirms that “nothing is impossible“.

Why get back with an ex? And why not do it?

There break with your partner is almost always one painful choicebut very often the end of a relationship is revealed necessary. However, it is not uncommon to have gods second thoughtsimagine what it would have been like if the relationship hadn’t ended, or if that’s not the case with try again. It often seems easier to go back to a “known soil”, While the idea of ​​being alone and start it all over again with a new person it can seem scary. It is estimated that the 29% of people, at some point, decide to go back to their exes: Some relationships manage to take off, but most are bound to finish again.

Every relationship is different and the scenarios of a return together can be equally different; reopening a story that has already ended once may not be a decision simple to take, and before doing so it would be good reflect in the first place on reasons that led to the separationmaking aanalyses of the past relationship. The chances of a successful return increase i periods of distanceas long as the couple members have worked on themselves And matured to overcome the problems and the obstacles that led them to break up during the relationship.

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The “push and pull” celebrities

In the world of stars flashbacks are not rare: the most striking example is the recent one marriage between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleckwho got married 20 years after their first engagement. A story that continues to win the interest of the public also for the alleged “push and pull” immediately following the marriage. Even the singer Justin Timberlake and the actress Jessica Biel they have been together from 2007 to 2011, when they announced the end of their story; I am they got back together at the end of the same yearthen get married in 2012 and successfully carry on their love story today again. However, the flashback does not always lead to a happy ending, and they know it well Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth: after having had a 10 year history studded with push and pullyes. I am married in 2018 then get divorced only 8 months later. The singer today, four years after the end of the relationship, would have defined that marriage “a disaster“.

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