Microsoft, the news is official: hundreds of workers sent home

Cutting staff in the Tech sector, this time it is Microsoft’s turn. About 1000 employees laid off, the glue’s response to the crisis.

What’s happening at Microsoft? About 1000 employees have been laid off from different departments. The giant of the Tech sector confirms the rumors circulating about it.

After Netflix and Snap, Microsoft is the latest tech company to cut staff to cut costs in the wake of the global economic slowdown. “Several tech companies have been forced to slash headcount in recent months as advertisers have slashed spending to prepare for a looming recession”, Comments Reuters.

The company declined to say how many jobs they were affected, but a source said the layoffs were less than 1000. That’s less than 1% of Microsoft’s total workforce of approximately 221,000 employees.

Cutting employees in the Tech sector

At the beginning of September Snap, the company to which the platform belongs Snapchatannounced the dismissal of 20% of its staff of over 6,000 employees. Before that, Netflix had fired about 150 employees because of “Business needs”the leading video streaming company said in May. Halfwhich had already froze hiring, plans to cut budgets in most divisions, with planned layoffs.

The cuts in Bill Gates’ historic company have occurred in a variety of levels, teams and parts of the world. Monday’s announcement comes three months after that Microsoft said it reduced less than 1% of employees. A company spokesperson explained that the company has let other workers go as the software maker’s revenue is expected to slow, due to weaker sales of Windows PC licenses.

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“Like all companies, we regularly evaluate our business priorities and make structural adjustments accordingly. We will continue to invest in our business and recruit in key growth areas over the next year “, Microsoft said in a statement to Axios.

Microsoft’s announcement comes after several gods fired employees shared their bitterness about it on Twitter and Blinda forum on which verified workers of companies also compare themselves with their superiors and colleagues.

This is only the second round of layoffs taking place within the giant this year. The first, last July, preceded the annual earnings report.

The company headed by Satya Nadella, while announcing a 26% increase in cloud revenues and total revenue of $ 49.4 billion for the third quarter of 2022, had forecast a drop in profits and turnover for the fourth, linked to exchange rate fluctuations. Overall, the total number of Microsoft employees in June had nevertheless grown by 22%, from 181 thousand in 2021 to 221 thousand.

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