Migrants, Tajani: “Political problem, Italy is not against France and Germany”

On the issue of migrants “we raised a political problemnot against France and Germany, because we are a country that has 7 thousand kilometers of coastline which are the southern border of Europe “, declared Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, guest of ‘half an hour more’.

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Europe today must intervene with a Marshall Plan for Africa“because” if we do not tackle the problem immediately “there will be” millions of people who will move “from this continent due to war, terrorism, poverty, hunger and climate change.” Here it seems that the only safe havens are the Italian ones, but there are also Tunisian, Maltese, French ports, there are many. Nowhere is it written that everyone has to come to Italy “.

On the case of the Ocean Viking, Paris used “exaggerated” tones“. According to the owner of the Farnesina, from Palazzo Chigi there was a declaration, made” absolutely in good faith “, thanking France for welcoming the ship, but the French authorities” took it, I don’t know why. as a provocation “.

“Nobody wants to add fuel to the fire, on the contrary. We want to tackle the issue of immigration at a European level with great serenity” he explains. “For us there is nothing to hang up” with France, “we have no problem, we are ready to talk to the French, but it is they who have reacted disproportionately”, continued Tajani, according to which the behavior of Paris it can be traced back to a “question of internal politics”.

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