Mila Kunis admitted that she does not wash the children every day. In the interview it turned out that he forgets to feed them

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were part of the “Armchair Expert” program. The actors caused quite a stir by confessing that they do not wash the children. The hygiene topic was started by Dax Shepard, who said that washing yourself daily with soap can be harmful to the skin as it destroys its protective lipid coat and can lead to skin damage. The couple confessed that they do not bathe 6-year-old Wyatt Isabelle and 4-year-old Dimitri Portwood every day, but only when you can see they are dirty.

If you see dirt on them, wash them. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

Ashton Kutcher explained.

Mila Kunis admitted that she washes dogs more often than children

Recently, Mila Kunis gave another interview, this time Ellen DeGeneres. The actress, wanting to refer to the previous interview and please all those who commented loudly on the previous conversation, said:

We bathe our dogs, does this answer make people happy?

Ellen asked if the star bathed dogs more than children. Mila Kunis confirmed it. In the interview, she also revealed that she herself takes a shower every day, but does not wash her hair every day, because she believes it is not necessary.

My intention is to bathe my children every day. I wake up and say: “Today I’m going to chase the kids to the shower, and then it’s bedtime and it turns out that I forgot to feed them”

Mila Kunis confessed.

The stars picked up on the topic

Although Milia Kunis’ statement may be controversial to some, there are stars who share her opinion. Kristen Bell said she “is a fan of waiting for the stench” of her children, which she sees as “a biological signal that it’s time to clean up.” Jake Gyllenhaal in “Vanity Fair” confessed that he “increasingly finds bathing unnecessary.” Cardi B has a completely different opinion, who wrote on Twitter:

What is it with these people saying they don’t wash? After all, the skin itches!

Although Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher do not bathe their children every day, the actress admitted that the water touches their children’s skin almost every day.

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