Mila Kunis breaks the silence about her Ukraine

Mila Kunis breaks the silence about her Ukraine, while Sean Penn returns to Los Angeles (Friday 4 March 2022)

It took many days before she found the courage (have the strength?) To talk about the place where she was born. Which is now under a constant shower of bombs. Thousands Kunis breaks the silence on the her Ukraine. In a video on the Instagram profile of her husband, Ashton Kutcher, the most famous Ukrainian-born actress in the world launches a fundraiser to help the people who are resisting and those who are seeking refuge.

Thousands Kunis with her husband Ashton Kutcher, breaks the silence about what is happening in Ukraine, the country where it was born. Together, the two actors launched a $ 30 million fundraiser: here’s what they said and did. Photo Getty Pride …Read on friend

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