Milan, Tonali: ‘Reducing my salary was right, now I’m staying. Juve and Inter favorite? With all the good, we don’t care ‘| First page

The Milan midfielder Sandro Tonali gave an interview to Sevenon newsstands with the Corriere della Sera: here are the most significant passages.

“In my country, apart from my Inter uncles, they are all Milan fans. There was no chance of reaching Milan at the age of ten: I arrived at the right time. And I want to stay there.”

IBRA – “He knows us all, he cares a lot about us and we to him this is the time to be close to him because he is experiencing a bad moment. Zlatan talks to everyone, from the 1st to the 23rd called up, he always finds the right motivation. After the end of the first time in a difficult game comes to spur us on, then he knows how to use those other ways too … “.

LESS MONEY TO STAY – “It was the right thing to do. The leap in quality I think was a natural thing: for a player being owned is always different from being on loan. It is not what you think about going to sleep, but it is that particular that on its own it counts for little, but added to others it makes a difference. If you play badly and you are on loan, maybe you worry that they will not redeem you … “.

BELIEF – “Already after Giroud’s brace in the derby we understood that we were there, it was enough to have an Inter misstep or a strong head on our part. It is difficult to win the last five knowing that you can draw one, but we went out on the pitch thinking there was only one result. Why did we win? It was a combination of things: the decisive factor was Pioli who was in a difficult situation when our climb began “.

NEW SEASON – “A lot of people put Inter and Juve in front of us? We are alone with our fans. The things they say, as it was all last year, do not interest us. We cannot change people’s thoughts, it certainly makes us reflect,” but, with all affection, we don’t care. ”

MESSAGE – “A message to the fans before the start of the championship? I show them the new tattoo on my hand: ‘Impossible’ in black and a red dash to erase the letters -in: nothing is impossible, this is my message”.

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