Milan via Meda, woman hit in the front door by a cyclist who moves away before being identified-

from Cesare Giuzzi

The man, who was pedaling on the sidewalk, waited for the ambulance but not the arrival of the brigade, who are now looking for him. The 62-year-old was taken in red code to the Polyclinic: her condition does not worry the doctors

exit from the door of his building and been hit on the sidewalk by a man on a bicycle: fell to the ground and hit his head. The cyclist initially stopped and waited for help, but after the arrival of the 118 he left without leaving his data. happened around 10 on Tuesday via Giuseppe Meda, in the southern outskirts of Milan, at street number 5. The 62-year-old woman was transported in red code to the hospital emergency room but never lost consciousness and his condition does not worry doctors.

Local police officers are now trying to track down the person who hit her. According to some testimonies, he was an immigrant, perhaps Indian or Sinhalese. It is possible that the man, after waiting for the arrival of help, left thinking that he had finished his duties. On site for the identification patrol had not yet arrived. The man was traveling by bike on the sidewalk and hit the woman who had just left the house through the door of the building where she lives.

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