Milenkovic: “I feel like a Fiorentina leader. My aim is to win the Conference League”

The Serbian central takes the floor in the press room to talk about his choice to further tie himself to the purple colors

It is the day of Nikola Milenkovic. The Serbian central spoke directly from the ‘Manuela Righini’ press room inside the Franchi stadium. Below is the Direct Text of

ON THE RENEWAL. “It is a very important day for me. I am happy and excited. I would like to take a step back to last year. We had come from two difficult seasons and neither I nor the club were convinced to leave us. I wanted a confrontation to understand the company’s project. Then the arrival of Italiano was decisive for me. So I renewed for a year with a promise to talk again this summer. I understood that there is a great project here, the company has great ambitions. We all see that Fiorentina is being born. Confirmation of Italian was very important to me. The fans have always given me a lot of affection in recent years but especially in the last period. I feel very loved here in Florence. Commisso, Barone and Pradè did a great job to keep me here and I’m glad I made this choice“.

ON THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IMAGE.Entering Europe. But it would be even better to enter the Champions League and that’s what we all have in mind. Let’s see when we can get there“.

ON GROWTH.I feel grown from all points of view both as a player and as a man. I feel like a leader of this Fiorentina and I have to help all the new ones who come to us. I made an important choice for my future. I took some time to think and then I realized that staying at Fiorentina was the thing I wanted most “.

ON THE END OF THE CAREER IN FLORENCE. “It is a very important choice for my future and I am happy with this choice I made. It is early to speak for the future but I am very well in Florence. We will see“.

ON ITALIAN: “I have an excellent relationship with the coach. It is helping me to grow a lot. He is a winning and ambitious coach. He brings out the best in us all. He has clear ideas that he wants to propose against anyone and this is a very important aspect for me. I thank him for what he has done for me and I’m sure we will do great things this season all together“.

ON THE FIORENTINA THAT IS BORN. “The company is also doing a great job at the facilities level with Viola Park. We players are also looking forward to training at Viola Park. I see that Fiorentina are growing from year to year and it is a very important aspect for me ”.

ON SUBSCRIPTIONS.I’m our twelfth man. They always give us a lot of drive on the pitch and we also showed last year that playing at home we scored a lot of points. I thank them for the many subscriptions already made and I am sure that the Franchi will be a pit for everyone ”.

ON THE CAPTAIN BAND.Wearing the headband is a special thing. Wearing David’s would be even more special. Now our captain is Biraghi and he is doing it really well. We are all very happy with him “.

ON THE CONFERENCE LEAGUE.The goal is to improve last year and then get into the top six. The other goal is certainly to win the Conference League because we want to give great joy to our fans. Winning a trophy would be a great thing“.

ABOUT JOVIC: “He is a great player, he is a striker who plays football like few others. He has technique, game vision and precision. He always sees the door. He has been coming for two difficult years but I know how much he can give and I could easily bet on him that he will do well for Fiorentina“.

WHY HE CHOSEN FIORENTINA. “For the club, the fans and the coach. Then I felt inside me that staying was the best thing. I love this city, this club and I couldn’t betray my feelings“.

ON THE SEASON. “It will be a very busy season because there will be a lot of matches and we will all have to be ready. We will play on three fronts and it won’t be easy. I see an improved Fiorentina compared to last year. Important players have arrived who will make us make a qualitative leap but the added value will be continuity with Italian on the bench. We will be stronger than last season. We are waiting for Commisso in Florence and I hope that on Sunday many fans will arrive at the Franchi to give us a hand“.

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