Minecraft players create real-time slideshow on how to beat the game

Although Minecraft allows players to create almost anything and play for as long as they want, the game has a basic storyline and progression curve. Players must explore all three dimensions and kill the final boss at the end. While the community is well aware of all the necessary steps to complete the game, one player recently painted it beautifully.

Reddit user u/Ok-Match3065 posted a video showing how they created several in-game sections depicting each important step of the storyline. Players sit on a minecart, which runs on powered tracks and stops in each area.

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There are eight parts in total: the first part is for players to chop wood, the second part is cave exploration, the third part is Netherworld Portal, the fourth part is Netherworld Fortress, the fifth part is bartering with piglins, and the sixth part is Looking for a stronghold, the seventh part is the Netherworld Fortress. End portal room, the eighth shows the battle with the ender dragon.

The player is revealed as “Steve” and is crafted entirely on an armor stand. Once the minecart is parked, it will move in and out of different areas.

Users react to Minecraft Reddit’s live gameplay slideshow about beating the game

This kind of creative in-game build always attracts a lot of attention on the official Minecraft subreddit. Since it covers the basics of the game and still showcases it in an extremely entertaining way, the post received over 9,000 likes in one day.

A Reddit user named u/fudgebabyg sarcastically praised the original poster for creating surprisingly realistic flaming mobs throughout the Nether section of the slide. The original poster hilariously replied and claimed that it took too long to pin the fiery entity that spawned in the nether fortress.

Interestingly, the original poster created an extremely basic Fire Mob out of a few yellow glass plates, a gold nugget, and a logo.

Of course, most reviews simply admire the entire build and how much fun it is to watch. People also mentioned that the post should get more support than it has.

While some also looked forward to the unique way Minecraft’s infamous end credits were shown, others new to the game claimed how much the slideshow helped them. The entire build is perfect for outlining Minecraft’s storyline.

It’s safe to say that the original poster also put a lot of effort into the redstone rig to make everything automated and seamless. Overall, many in the Minecraft community appreciate the underlying story presented throughout the slideshow. The post went on to go viral and received views, likes and comments.

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