Minecraft players use redstone to create minesweepers in the game

Minecraft is perhaps the only game that offers endless possibilities. Players can do many things in the game, one of which is redstone building. Redstone is an item in the game that can be used to create circuits and switches, and players can also use it to create complex machines and systems.

Recently, a Reddit user named mattbatwings posted a short video on the platform showing off a fully functional minesweeper game in Minecraft. Here’s everything there is to know about this glorious redstone creation and the Minecraft community’s reaction to it.

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Minesweeper in Minecraft

Minesweeper in Minecraft (image via u/mattbatwings on Reddit)Minesweeper in Minecraft (image via u/mattbatwings on Reddit)
Minesweeper in Minecraft (image via u/mattbatwings on Reddit)

The game within the game may sound harsh, but redstone and some other blocks, such as redstone repeaters, redstone lamps, etc., can be used to make complex systems within the game. That’s exactly what mattbatwings did by making a playable version of Minesweeper.

The entire game runs on a giant display made up of redstone lamps, which act as individual pixels that light up based on input. Since the display only needs to show numbers, it is made using just a few redstone lamps.

Once the display is complete, Matt uses different signal strength levels to represent different numbers in the game, as well as the scary mines or flags. With all the inputs ready, all that’s needed is the intricate redstone architecture.

Once everything is designed and ready, the Minesweeper game is ready to play.

Player reaction to the build

Matt posted the Minesweeper build video on the r/Minecraft subreddit and received an overwhelmingly positive response, with many people being completely shocked by the creation.

User u/disastrouslecture648 mentioned that redstone builders are the smartest people and praised the complexity of the builds. Many players have crafted weapons using redstone.

Another Reddit user mentioned something that most of us can relate to. User u/deep_fry_ducky They say they don’t even know how to clear mines Then another user explained how to play the game.

Many users jokingly mentioned that Minesweeper will explode if players touch a mine, while others simply asked about the game’s features, such as whether numbers are randomly generated.

It is worth noting that mattbatwings is an active YouTuber who also posts detailed videos of Minesweeper builds. This nearly 18-minute long video explains the entire build process and how the game works.

youtube cover

In addition to this build, Matt has also made some other very interesting and impressive redstone builds. His most popular work was integrating Microsoft Paint into a game in just 24 hours.

Other impressive builds include calculators, computers, 3D renderers, and even an in-game Donkey Kong game!

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