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from Lara Sirignano

To discover the little body a farmer who immediately alerted the carabinieri. Francesco Alberto was called, after the saint of Assisi and the carabiniere who was the first to take him in his arms

First he heard the cries, then the cry of a child. She tried to figure out where they came from and for a few minutes she searched the area without finding an answer. Then she saw it: it was in a plastic bag, abandoned along the dirt road leading to his land. He then pulled it out of the envelope, squeezed it asea and called the carabinieri.

a story with a happy ending that happened in the afternoon in Paceco, a town in the province of Trapani. The protagonists are a farmer, who was going to work his countryside, a patrol of carabinieri and the baby, born a few days ago. The soldiers reached the farmer and, together with the 118 operators who intervened in a few minutes, took the child to the hospital in Trapani. Doctors found him in good condition even if, as a precaution, they decided to admit him to the Intensive Care Unit: his umbilical cord had been cut.

The pouch, which also contained the placenta, had not been closed. The child could breathe, but the area in which he was abandoned isolated and if he had not been found he would certainly have died, investigators say. The countryside populated by many wild animals and would not, however, survive the cold of the coming night. The carabinieri have opened an investigation to discover the identity of the mother also by viewing the cameras placed in the area. The doctors of the hospital of Trapani have decided to call the newborn Francesco Alberto. Francis because he was found on the day of the saint of Assisi, Alberto as the carabiniere who first took him in his arms.

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