Model Reveals She Froze Her Butt While Trying to Break a Record With a Test at 26 Degrees Below Zero

“I’m surprised that the snow hasn’t melted,” wrote one of the model followers Christine Mae in a comment.

Model Christine Mae definitely didn’t take the maternal advice to wear a coat “because it’s cold outside” seriously. And such a move had consequences, as the Playboy bunny herself claimed her “butt froze” while trying to break a world record in the snow by doing a sensual test in freezing temperatures.

The model Christine Mae (Photo: instagram reproduction)

The sensual shoot, performed in the Canadian Rockies, would be the first to be done by a half-naked model in negative temperatures. “The thermometer reached -26.6 º C and I found the perfect environment to try the novelty. It was very cold there, but I managed to have a lot of fun too. So I ended up ignoring the cold in some moments”, revealed the model. “My ass froze, but I found everything very sensual. I imagined myself as a rabbit lost in the ice,” he concluded.

The model Christine Mae (Photo: instagram reproduction)

The essay quickly gained thousands of likes, receiving comments from the most varied. “I’m surprised the snow hasn’t melted,” wrote one of the model’s followers in a comment. Another commented: “Wow, girl”. “More more more,” wrote a fan who was certainly protected from the cold in his home. “It is very brave to go out in the cold in these clothes, but you are so hot you may not have even noticed,” joked another netizen. Mae also shared an image wearing a metallic jumpsuit with the zipper practically all open showing the top of a hot pink bikini.

Model Christine Mae poses with the edition of Playboy magazine that contains her essay (Photo: reproduction)

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