Monica Bellucci semi-naked in historic fashion photos

After immortalizing the elite of Hollywood and every catwalk, Vincent Peters collects his 90 most beautiful shots in black and white, and decides to exhibit them at Royal Palace of Milanthus setting up the show Timeless Time (from 12 January to 26 February 2023, free admission). A targeted name that chosen for this exhibition, in two words can make us understand how a photographic image can crystallize memories making them eternal, timelesshowever maintaining in the viewer the sensation of the past as the present.

monica bellucci, rome, 2006, photo by vincent peters

Monica Bellucci, Rome, 2006, photo by Vincent Peters

Vincent Peters

Whenever he finds himself in front of characters to portray, he immediately puts all his concentration into the chamber of the camera, which he now considers as an extension of his eye. “The setting up of Vincent Peters” explains Tommaso Sacchi, councilor for culture of the municipality of Milan “it is original, capable of putting the artist’s works in dialogue with the twelve rooms of the Apartment of the Princes”, an area in which the marvelous works have been located that portray characters such as the beautiful Monica Bellucciin a half-naked top-down shot from 2006, Amanda Seyfriedphotographed in 2015 with her face reflected in a shattered mirror, almost as if to show us the many I which then go on to form a person.

charlize theron, new york, 2008, photography by vincent peters

Charlize Theron, New York, 2008, photo by Vincent Peters

Vincent Peters

Then again, the photo that portrays Charlize Theron in 2008 wrapped in a thin and light white sheet, Emma Watson in a wonderful first floor dating back to 2012 and Scarlett Johansson in 2017 in turn reflected in a small and circular mirror, this time intact and supported by the actress’s hands. “Vincent Peters sculpts the characters he portrays with light, creating volumes capable of defining them in a suspended space and in an ageless time”, continues the commissioner.

emma watson photographed in 2012 by vincent peters

Emma Watson, London, 2012, photo by Vincent Peters

Vincent Peters

The German photographer is capable of making the Olympus of celebs and stars dissolve in an atmosphere of Italian neorealist cinema, thus approaching the public’s gaze in a familiar and recognizable way. His work is made up of an overlapping of layers in dialogue with each other, and it is only thanks to this stratification and distinction that they complete each other.

amanda seyfried photographed in 2015 by vincent peters

Amanda Seyfried, Paris, 2015, photo by Vincent Peters

Vincent Peters

How many times have we looked at a photo from a long time ago and thought “it seems like yesterday”, this is the effect that images of emotional and sentimental value have for us, which allow us to dig into our memories by bringing back precise moments , making them even closer and more palpable than the present itself, and it is always this effect that the most skilful Vincent Peters manages to leak from his shots, making them eternal, wonderful, full of life despite the fact that they are still images (but only apparently).

scarlett johansson, new york, 2017, photo by vincent peters

Scarlett Johansson, New York, 2017, photo by Vincent Peters

Vincent Peters

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