Monika Mrozowska wants to stop breastfeeding

Monika Mrozowska eagerly raises topics related to motherhood online. The actress brings up four children, so the posts she publishes are a kind of summary of various experiences and knowledge gained over the years. This time, the young mother focused on the problems related to breastfeeding, thus provoking Internet users to engage in a stormy discussion about the end of an important stage in the toddler’s life.

Monika Mrozowska on breastfeeding

Monika Mrozowska is a proud mother of four children: Karolina, Jagoda, Józef and Lucjan. The youngest son of the actress he will soon be one year old and his diet slowly begins to expand with new products. However, this does not change the fact that the toddler is still used to natural breastfeeding. For an experienced mum, the decision to end this stage is not easy, but it is a gateway to important changes, ensuring a sense of comfort in everyday life.

I would like to finish our feeding adventure. Yes. I. Not Lucek, because if I had to wait for “self-withdrawal”, it might not happen for a long time. Why do I put my needs above my child’s needs? Because I started to act as a pacifier at night (since the real Lucek “gave up” many months ago) and I dream about finally getting a good night’s sleep – the actress wrote in a sincere post. She also noted that the process of giving up natural breastfeeding in the case of her children was different each time.

– I weaned the girls from the breast during our five-day trips. Karol when she was 1.5 years old, and Jadzia when she was 12 months old. Józek left alone when he was 9 months old. These trips were helpful, because the girls got used to the fact that “there is no tit” (you have to say it out loud: first there is cyc, then long, long nothing, then somewhere on the horizon you can barely see the mother) and after my return there was no drama related to with feeding. I have a dilemma with Luck that we are in the middle of a tornado under the nice name flu / bull / viral / whatever. And I know from experience that during an infection, natural feeding works as the best medicine – summed up Monika Mrozowska.

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Monika Mrozowska wants to stop breastfeeding

Dilemmas related to weaning a baby are an integral part of motherhood. The child’s needs often turn out to be more important than the mother’s well-being, but this approach still raises many doubts. Therefore, it is not surprising that an honest post published by Monika Mrozowska in social media initiated an extremely heated discussion. Many Internet users openly admitted that struggles with similar problems.

“I could write this post! This is exactly our story! My Miki 16.01 turns one year old and I have no idea how to start weaning, because it just hooks up to the boob at night like it’s a small mammal. And I’m already a bit fed up … let me know how do you manage it “,” My daughter is 16 months old and I am also waiting until spring for the worst season of illness to end and she plans to finish the feeding adventure. I have the impression that it will not be easy, because just like you before every nap and at night I make a pacifier, but I have faith that it will work. May the force be with us “,” I am at exactly the same point. functions of a soother, and on the other … the throat-flu-tooth season and what could be better in this situation than soothing with my mother’s medicine “,” I have been a pacifier for 10 months and my need for sleep is also taking the lead “- we read in the comments.

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