Monza-Spezia: Gotti’s conference

Spezia: Gotti’s conference

“I don’t understand that I said the team was worried. Before the game there were sensations, but we need to make a premise. There are very well done weeks that do not correspond to the performance on Sunday, and vice versa. The game is another thing and the same thing goes for the finishing, for the pre-match warm-up, you feel a lot in the game. These signs are being picked up, but last week we had a long week training every day from Monday to Sunday with big loads. There were major physical problems, from nationals and not, and we arrived with a feeling of tiredness even before the game. We felt we were weighed down, these were my feelings. Then after 30 seconds we take a penalty against and after 10 minutes we concede a goal. This is the explanation ”.

On unavailable

“We have worked with a lot more players. Last week we were in small ranks, with one-off returns. Gradually everyone is returning, Hristov, Sala, Reca will remain outside. We have worked more continuously and we are preparing to face an important match ”.

On Kiwior on the left

“Sunday did not go well, but the conditions of Monza are different from those of Lazio. We played four, Kiwior played the full-back on the left, while with Monza we will do our thing without any particular intervention ”.

Can Ekdal and Bourabia play together?

“We still don’t know. In my opinion, yes, but we didn’t make it. Even in training, trying it is still difficult for us. We have to wait until Ekdal is at his best to say if it can be done. In football I say yes. “.

How is Agudelo doing?

“Agudelo made a difficult week. With Lazio I chose to start with Ellertsson, who had just played for the national team and was satisfied again, also to keep me the possibility of inserting Agudelo during the match in progress. Kevin has these characteristics to get into the game well and with five substitutions the manager’s view is not to say ‘I’m starting with the best eleven’. The game is not known if you win or lose at the beginning or at the end, one imagines the evolution of the game and tries to change it in progress. Keeping weapons capable of changing the game is an argument that is made ”.

About Amian

“Amian I still can’t answer. The physical package is limited, on having Serie A moments in which he can make the third, but I don’t know what he can give me when he has the field in front. We’ll talk about it again when he gets better. I didn’t have Beck in training camp, when we got off from Trentino I liked it. He is a guy who learns very quickly, I like him, we share concepts and try to put them into practice. He will play in all midfield roles, he is flexible and enthusiastic. I liked it a lot during the weeks, there was this opportunity to reward his commitment and path and we took it ”.

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