Monza, the pusher with Covid home delivery: drugs were hidden in the exchange

Monza, March 9, 2022 – They saw him drive around, stop for a few minutes in front of some homes, then leave again He was delivering something, bringing drugs to his customers.
Except that besides being an inveterate dealer, it was also positive for Covid. Damn “sense” of duty … As part of the surveillance and control of the territory carried out by the agents of the Monza and Brianza Police Headquarters, in the late evening of last Thursday, personnel of the Mobile Squad arrested a 25-year-old Moroccan citizen , irregular on the national territory, because found in possession of numerous doses of cocaine ready for sale.

Two patrols of the Flying Squad around 9 pm, passing through the streets of the San Rocco district in Monza, notice a Renault Clio car driven by a person, which proceeding at reduced speed, stopped at some street numbers, and then resumed the march. The agents then decide to proceed with the control of the man and invite him to get out of the vehicle. In response, the man engages the reverse gear and collides with one of the police service cars in an attempt to open a passage for escape. Failing to do so, sche starts and engages in a fight with the agents who were then able to block it.

A search reveals that 11 heat-sealed doses of cocaine are in the car near the gearbox, then some hundreds of euros emerge on the man, divided into banknotes of various denominations (5, 10 and 20 euros), likely proceeds from the dealing activities. Following the fight, in the emergency room of the San Gerardo hospital, three policemen were found facial injuries and bruises with a prognosis between 2 and 5. And it is found that the Maghreb citizen was positive for Covid. He is now under house arrest.

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