Morawiecki threatened the EU with World War III, and now he wants its support

This is not about Alexander Lukashenka’s hybrid war, but about the confused PiS voters. They learned that the crisis on the border with Belarus has been fading away since the EU started with the leaders of France and Germany. European diplomacy turned out to be more effective than Polish propaganda.

The head of the European Commission in a conversation with Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron in a conversation with Vladimir Putin and Chancellor Angela Merkel in a conversation with Lukashenka achieved more than ministers Rau, Błaszczak and Kaminski. The situation on the border is calming down.

What to do? The horses are forging, Morawiecki is stepping on his feet. The prime minister went to his neighbors to convince his voters that he was at the forefront of the fight against Lukashenka and that he was winning it. After more than two months, the head of the PiS government recalled that Lukashenka’s hybrid action requires a coherent European response and he strove for it during his visits to Tallinn, Vilnius and Riga. Earlier, instead of applying for such a reaction from his allies, he threatened the Union with World War III. He ostentatiously did not ask for support from Frontex. He did not convene consultations with NATO allies. Only propaganda and support mattered.

Maybe someone else will remind Morawiecki that what is happening on our eastern border and what else can happen there, it would be worth talking to the governments in Germany (it would be necessary to meet the future chancellor), France (during the recent visit of President Duda in Paris, the question was the border was less important than the plans to build a French nuclear power plant in Poland), Rome, Madrid …

It would be worth discussing this at a high level with the Americans. This may be difficult, because in September the President’s Chancellery stated that it did not seek meetings with Biden. And how to sell voters that the Polish eastern border is taken care of by a politician who has been making a leftist demon from the national media for over a year. And the EU is also worth talking to, although the PiS government is with the Community for knives.

From December 2015, the foreign policy of the PiS government was held hostage by domestic politics and propaganda. The effects are dire.

The conflict with Lukashenka was supposed to be a “political gold” for PiS. It was followed by a severe moral hangover, which is suffered by a large part of Polish society who cannot accept the fact that Polish state officials callously pushed newcomers to Belarus and took even families with small children to the forest.

All for nothing. Despite the fact that the army was brought to the border and journalists and humanitarian activists were expelled so that no one would look at the hands of the uniformed men, 10 thousand people went to Germany anyway. people. The PiS state nevertheless trumps success.

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