Morawiecki’s financial vehicle is still operational. Again, at least PLN 30 billion to spend outside the budget

The COVID-19 Countermeasure Fund was created after the pandemic crisis hit the Polish economy in 2020. On the one hand, it was supposed to improve the spending of money on the economic effects of the coronavirus. On the other hand, to give the government the certainty that the pandemic debt will not lead to exceeding the debt limits, which are in the constitution and laws.

In theory, the Fund’s expenditure should be financed from the state budget, which is under parliamentary control. Each change in it must be assessed by the deputies, and any possible amendment must go through the entire legislative path.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki decides what the money from the COVID-19 Countermeasure Fund, the financing of which by bond issues is provided by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, for.

Billions to Fight COVID-19

The sums that have been spent from the COVID-19 Countermeasure Fund so far are impressive. In the first year of its operation, when our economy was struggling with a recession, the beneficiaries received PLN 92.7 billion from it. Slightly less than the plan, which assumed transfers in the amount of approximately PLN 110 billion in 2020.

Although last year’s pandemic crisis was already fading away, and GDP probably grew by around 5%. year on year, the Fund continued to operate. In the period of January-November, its expenses amounted to PLN 52.7 billion. The full-year plan assumed that they would exceed PLN 61 billion. This would mean that from the moment the financial vehicle was launched to help fight COVID-19, over PLN 145 billion went to the economy, and it may turn out that this sum will be even almost PLN 10 billion higher. Such expenses from the Fund could have been made in December 2021 alone.

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Another year of out-of-budget release

Business Insider Polska has managed to establish that the COVID-19 Countermeasure Fund will also exist in 2022. his financial plan, which assumes this year’s expenditure at the level of over PLN 28 billion. During the year, however, the expenses from it will probably be higher.

– This plan may be changed – admits the Government Information Center in correspondence with us. The prime minister may decide to change the financial plan at any time.

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