Most cases of infection since the beginning of the pandemic

On Tuesday, the data was provided by the Israeli health ministry, quoted by the Polish Press Agency.

During the last week of each day, the highest numbers for new Sars-CoV-2 infections were recorded. According to the latest health ministry report on Tuesday, there are currently 185,753 infected in Israel. Two weeks ago, there were about 15,000 of them. throughout the country.

The epidemic situation in Israel

During the last day, a little over 11 percent. of all the tests for the presence of coronavirus in the body of residents of Israel showed a positive result. According to local experts, however, many cases remain undetected, because PCR tests, which were intended for people at high risk of severe COVID-19 disease, were replaced with antigen tests, some of which are carried out at home, the Times of Israel website, which it referred to PAP.

In Israel, the Ministry of Health has been paying special attention to the high rate of infections with the Omikron coronavirus variant, as well as the Delta mutation, for a long time. In addition, Israeli hospitals have recently struggled with the rise in flu cases.

Authorities called on citizens to reaccept the COVID-19 vaccine. In Israel, the preparation is available to everyone after the age of 5. Nationwide, nearly 6 million people out of the 9.5 million population have already taken two doses of the vaccine. On the other hand, over 4.3 million Israelis also received the so-called booster dose of the preparation. Last week, Israel also started vaccinating with a fourth dose, which for now targets the elderly and medical workers. Until last Sunday, it was applied by about 250,000. residents.

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