Mother of Iga Kaczmarczyk from Opatów has SMA. Her mom is begging for help

Iga Kaczmarczyk from Opatów has been struggling with SMA almost from birth. The girl’s parents heard this terrible diagnosis when their little one was 1.5 months old. From that moment on, the difficult fight for the life of their little one began.

Barely a 4-month-old girl is struggling with another serious threat, which is infection for her. Iga has bronchitis. The baby has been staying in the hospital in Kielce since Tuesday.

“Her condition is serious. Iga has respiratory distress. We are desperate” – wrote Mrs. Jolanta, the girl’s mother. As she added, there were no signs of infection at all. “Igusia has a fever of almost 40 degrees. She is choking all the time, we do not know what to do. My baby started another fight for life” – admitted the desperate woman.

“I can’t write anything more, my heart is breaking, tears are falling from my eyes. We are only at the beginning of the road to raise an unimaginable amount for gene therapy, and we already know today that we do not have time … Please, save my child … “- asks Mrs. Jolanta.

Iga’s mother also posted a moving video on the web, in which she appeals to save her daughter.

“With all my heart I am begging you for support, for sharing our collection. Keep your fingers crossed for Igusia” – confessed the girl’s mother.

A baby with SMA needs help

Iga has a terminal illness that was diagnosed when she was 1.5 months old. “When we heard the verdict, we could not believe it … But not so long ago, we were involved in helping another child who collected a huge amount for gene therapy. And now it turned out that it also applies to us …” – explained Ms Jolanta. The world of a happy family has collapsed. Iga was a long-awaited child.

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