Motorbike crash against a Mercedes: young doctor dies in the accident

Cardiologist Michele Pighi was 39 years old and lost his life in the collision between his motorcycle and a car in Verona.

A cardiologist from the Verona Hospital, Michele Pighi, died in a car accident that took place yesterday morning, September 30, in via Monte Ortigara, in the district of Ponte Crencano, in Verona. It was around 10 and the 39-year-old was returning to work, after having moved from home to Avesa (Verona), in the Casalino street, at the end of an operation in the operating room.

The doctor was traveling in the saddle of his black BMW Gs in the direction of via Mameli, when he was hit by a Mercedes Cla 200 driven by a woman living in the area and hit a stake on the sidewalk. A fatal impact on Michele, who died shortly after at the Borgo Trento hospital.

On the spot three patrols of the Local Police who have closed the road to traffic to ensure the relief of the law and the aid to man. The dynamics are being assessed by the Accident Nucleus.

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Michele Pighi dealt with coronary and structural interventional cardiology. And he coordinated the activities of the training specialists. The first to help him were his colleagues from the San Francesco Nursing Home, which is located a short distance away, then the 118 health workers transported him to Polo Confortini where he died immediately after hospitalization.

In addition to medical activity, the 39-year-old was training as a university lecturer. “I met him after he had won the researcher competition, 7 years ago, when I was director of the department. I remember that Professor Ribichini always talked about him very well” explains my colleague from Internal Medicine, Oliviero Olivieri.

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