Mourning in the cinema, he died tragically: the terrible accident

The whole world of the seventh art and entertainment mourns the death of one of the most prominent and well-known performers. He passed away in tragic conditions, leaving everyone in disbelief: that’s who it is.

Another of the performers who contributed to making international cinema important has passed away. It’s about the actor John Steiner who, according to what has been learned from the press release, would have disappeared following an accident that left him no way out. The news went around the world in just a few minutes, leaving fans breathless.

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The news of the deaths of women and men of the show always leaving people with a bad taste in their mouth. This especially if they are faces known to the general public and if their departure depends on tragic episodes, as happened this time in John Steiner. The actor passed away following an accident that involved him in the United States

The British actor had appeared in major films, among them all in Caligula. But also in many other works in the 60s and 70s. He had 81 years old and was admitted to the Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, where he later died after a car accident with two vehicles in La Quinta. This is what was reported and read on the Deadline portal.

Mourning in the cinema, John Steiner died after a tragic accident: that’s who he was

John Steiner
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The month of July took a lot of actors and actresses away. But even this month of August he is certainly not giving discounts. Now the public must also do without John Steinerbest known for playing the roles of villains, with his extraordinary and unforgettable portrayal of Longinus in the 1979 film Caligula.

Born on January 7, 1941 in Chester, England, Steiner attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He appeared with the Royal Shakespeare Company and worked with Ian Richardson on Broadway in 1965. There are many films and plays that have seen him as the protagonist. Steiner retired from acting in the early 1990s and became a real estate agent in Beverly Hills.

After the news of his death, there have been many tributes that have poured into social media. Thousands of fans have decided to write a memory and express their condolences. Several well-known personalities at the show also intervened to give their own testimony to one of the longest-lived performers on the big screen.

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