Movie. Emily Ratajkowski criticizes «Blonde»: «Fetishizes female suffering».

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski

The actress and model criticizes the film about the life of Marilyn Monroe, available on Netflix from September 28th.

Emily Ratajkowski harshly criticizes the new film “Blonde”, inspired by the life of Marilyn Monroe.

Andrew Dominik’s film sparked mixed reviews, with many viewers accusing the feature of being cruel and sexist.

The model and actress gave her opinion on TikTok. While admitting that she has not yet seen the film, Ratajkowski did not say she was “surprised that another film was made with a fetish depiction of female pain, even in death.”

“We are obsessed with the death of girls”

Comparing “Blonde” to the chatter about the tragic deaths of Amy Winehouse or Princess Diana, Emily has controversially declared that “we love to give a fetish representation of female suffering. We are obsessed with the deaths of girls and serial killers ».

“I think as women, I speak for myself naturally, I have learned how to fetishize my own pain and my own wounds in my life, in order to make them something sexy,” she explained.

Emily, however, hopes that in film this can change. “I want this to change,” she said about the portrayal of female suffering in films. “I think we should all be more Inca ****,” she concluded.

Blonde, starring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, has been on Netflix since September 28th.


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