Movie tonight on TV not to be missed today, Saturday, June 6,

The guide to films that will be aired tonight, Saturday, June 6, and on TV on Sky. Action, biopic, and much more

Here is an overview of the films that will be aired tonight, on TV, on Sky channels. All the Première and the Library at the first step, are also available on Sky On Demand and Sky Go.

The romantic movie to see tonight on TV

Adaline – The eternal youth, at 21:15 on Sky Cinema A

Blake Lively in a love story of the supernatural. Adaline stops hit old age, after having suffered an accident. The meeting with Ellis, the convince but to reveal his secret.

Dog Days, hours 21:00 on Sky Cinema Romance

Ensemble comedy about the love for the dogs. Los Angeles-the intertwined stories of a group of characters, who will learn to live and love thanks to their four-legged friends.

A rainy day in New York, at 21:15 on Sky Cinema for you 1

Woody Allen directs Elle Fanning, Timothee Chalamet and Selena Gomez. Two young lovers find themselves in Manhattan for a dream weekend. However, they are totally overwhelmed by the unexpected.

Baby blues, at 21:14 on Premium Emotion

Stefano Accorsi in a movie focused on a couple who decided not to have children. When, however, she must move to work in New York, the magic seems to fade.

Thriller movie to see tonight on TV

Brothers enemies – Close Enemies, at 21:15 on Sky Cinema Two

A Thriller set in the banlieues of paris. Manuel is a trafficker, and Driss, a agent drug. The two, however, are grown side by side, as brothers and sisters. The fate will force them to collaborate.

Welcome Home – A stranger in the house, at 21:00 on Sky Cinema Suspense

Thriller with Emily Ratajkowski, Aaron Paul and Riccardo Scamarcio. An american couple went on holiday in Umbria, where he meets an ambiguous unknown. This is close to them, that hides something dark.

Action movie to see tonight on TV

The Predator, 21:15 on Sky movies Sci-Fi

A terrifying alien reappeared on Earth. You will find, however, before a team of mercenaries ready to stop it. A new chapter for a classic Sci-Fi.

Lionheart – winning Bet, at 21:00 on Sky movies Action

A cult film the action with the protagonist Jean-Claude Van Damme. A legionnaire comes to Los Angeles to be able to save his brother, sitting in trouble with drug traffickers. Enter in the world of underground fighting ring.

Robinson Crusoe, at 21:00 on Sky Cinema Family

Re-reading wizard, and the imaginative, of the novel of Daniel Defoe. The parrot, Mac and his friends live on a tropical island. One day, however, comes a man, who was shipwrecked after a storm.

Film biopic to see tonight on TV

Mary queen of scots, at 21:00 on Sky movies Drama

Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie in a biopic on the life of Mary, queen of scots. The latter leaves the crown of France, and return back home. Is ready to claim their throne, which, however, sits Elizabeth I.

Comedy movies to see tonight on TV

They called him Bulldozer, at 21:00 on Sky Cinema Comedy

Bud Spencer he is a former champion of american football, ready to lead a group of street boys in a match against the Marines to a Nato base.

Bastards without glory, at 21:15 on Sky Cinema for you 2

Quentin Tarantino rewrites the history of nazism in Europe in its own way. A group of soldiers is ready for a suicide mission to Paris, where they attempt to kill Hitler. Film with Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltzamong other great actors.

To the borders of reality, at 21:15 on Premium Energy

Film at the boundary between the comedy and the horror. Inspired by the homonymous tv series, this film is directed by four directors and is composed by four different episodes.

How to kill the boss… and live a happy life, at 21:15 on Premium Comedy

Comedy jumble that sees three friends humiliated constantly by their leaders. They decide to get rid of it. Each will take care of the head of the other, not to arouse suspicion.

Horror movies to see tonight on TV

The Nun: the vocation of the evil, at 21:14 on Premium Cinema

A Spin-off of “The Conjuring – The case of Enfield”. A priest and a novice should shed light on the case of a young nun who committed suicide.

Fantasy Film to see tonight on TV

Imaginary animals: the crimes of Grindelwald, at 21:15 on Premium Cinema +24

The second chapter of the saga prequel dedicated to the world of Harry Potter. Scamander, and Dumbledore join forces against the dark wizard Grindelwald, inextricably linked with the famous headmaster of Hogwarts.

The programs in the clear

Happy birthday… Goofy, at 21:25 on Rai 1

A tribute to one of the greatest artists of the Italian television, Pippo Baudo. With him, many of the artists retrace the most important stages of his career.

Oil antivirus, 21:05, Rai 2

Inquiries Duilio Giammaria dedicated to the great themes of the exchequer, political, social, economic, and international scientific.

Waiting for the words, at 20:30 on Rai 3

Lord chesterfield is back with extraordinary stories of everyday life, in a period characterized by only one essential word: Coronavirus.

Tonight’s Italy: a Special Weekend, at 21:25 Network 4

Edition of the end of the week, “Tonight’s Italy”, a program dedicated to politics, the major cases of news, current events, and challenges social. A comparison of journalism with guests in the studio and in the link.

Hello Darwin 7 – The resurrection, at 21:20 on Channel 5

The show is anthropological fun of TV, hosted by Paolo Bonolis. Two teams of categories are contrasted with challenge each other jokingly: who will award the natural selection as theorized by Darwin?

Asterix at the olympic games, hours 21:30 on Italia 1

The 2008 Film directed by Frédéric Forestier and Thomas Langmann, with Clovis Cornillac, Gérard Depardieu and Alain Delon. The young cock Alafolix is in love with the Greek princess Irina, but it has been promised in marriage to the son of Caesar, Brutus.

To catch a thief, hours 21:15 La7

The films of Alfred Hitchcock, with Cary Grant, Charles Vanel and Grace Kelly. The new and serene life of John, a time among the thieves the most experienced on the square, is disrupted by some of the thefts that seem to have been made by him. Those who want to frame him?

007 – Vendetta privata, 21:30 on Channel 8

Directed by John Glen, with Timothy Dalton and Carey Lowell. 007 – The saga: to avenge a friend given in meal to the sharks, Bond infiltrates, against the will of its leaders, in the organization of a drug kingpin.

Story of a thief of books, 21:25 Nine

2013 Film directed by Brian Percival starring Sophie Nélisse, Geoffrey Rush, and Emily Watson. An adopted child finds shelter from the horrors of nazism in his collection of books, which started with a small theft.

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