Movies inspired by computer games. Which movies are worth watching? Here are Anna Wendzikowska’s suggestions

Movies inspired by computer games. What’s worth watching?

One of the most famous characters from computer games is Lara Croft. The games with her participation turned out to be so successful that the filmmakers decided to bring her adventures to the big screen. She played the role of the fearless lady archaeologist Angelina Jolie. – It is worth noting that this type of productions are created mainly for game lovers. They – regardless of the plot – will want to see it. However, in this case it was successful to build a new quality and those who are not interested in games also went to the cinema – said Anna Wendzikowska on Dzień Dobry TVN.

The screening was equally successful “Prince of Persia”. The hero of the computer game will then be played by little-known Jake Gyllenhaal. – Movie “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” he’s cute, funny, positive. Even though it is naive and its storyline is not that good, such films are also needed in the cinema. This is pure entertainment. I must admit that I did not know the game and I liked the film very much – said the journalist.

Based on computer games, they are created not only adventure movies, but also horror movies. This group includes the series “Resident Evil“. – They were the basis for the films Japanese computer games. The first is the most popular. Milla Jovovich this movie is fantastic – she said.

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A movie that inspired the game

It is worth adding that sometimes a movie becomes an inspiration to create a computer game. This was the case with the film “Throne“. – The painting was made in 1982. It is a story of a man who enters the virtual world and tries to find his way to reality. The main character was then played by Jeff Bridges – said the journalist.

A few years later based on this story a computer game was created. It inspired the filmmakers to create the second part of the film. – In 2010, it hit theaters “Tron: Legacy”. Interestingly, Jeff Bridges also played in it. However, this time the actor played the creator of a computer game and the father of a boy who was stuck in virtual reality – added the journalist.

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