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Dangerous – Dangerouson Rai 4 the action thriller by director David Hackl (Saw V – You won’t believe your eyes) starring Scott Eastwood, Tyrese Gibson, Kevin Durand, Famke Janssen and Mel Gibson in the role of an “eccentric psychiatrist”.

Dangerous – Cast and characters

Scott EastwoodDylan “D” Forrester
Tyrese GibsonSheriff McCoy
Famke JanssenAgent Shaughnessy
Kevin DurandCole
Mel Gibson: Dr. Alderwood
Brendan FletcherMassey
Ryan RobbinsFelix
Brenda BazinetLinda Forrester
Leanne LappSusan Forrester
Chad Rook Blanchard
Brock MorganPike
Destiny Millns: Jo
Atlee Smallman – Freddie Forrester

Dangerous – Plot and trailer

Ex-con and rehabilitated sociopath Dylan Forrester (Scott Eastwood) is trying to quietly serve out his probation, with the help of a steady supply of antidepressants from his eccentric psychiatrist (Mel Gibson). But when his brother dies under mysterious circumstances, Dylan breaks his parole and, with a dogged FBI agent (Famke Janssen) on his trail, he sets out to uncover the truth. A band of armed mercenaries wants something Dylan’s brother was hiding and Dylan will need all his cunning and tactical skills to survive in this action-packed thriller.

Trivia about the movie

  • The sequel Dangerous 2 – The Inferno it is in the works. Mel Gibson has already signed on to reprise his role.
  • Director David Hackl (Saw V, Grizzly’s Labyrinth, Daughter of the Wolf) directs “Dangerous” from a screenplay by Christopher Borrelli (The Breath of the Devil, The Vatican Tapes).
  • On February 28, 2015, the shooting of the film was halted due to lack of funds. “Through the Creative Saskatchewan Feature Film Production Grant Program, as well as the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, production on the film was able to move forward with the participation of the Province of British Columbia Film Incentive. Without this federal government emergency fund, production would not have proceeded,” producer Kevin Dewalt revealed in a statement.
  • The ID painted on the conning tower next to the rising sun flag is “HA 114”. The “Sen Yu Sho” type submarines were numbered only up to 112; there is no 114. But that topology included a 25mm gun mount as depicted in the film.
  • Scott Eastwood and Tyrese Gibson also starred together in Fast & Furious 8 (2017).
  • Denmark’s Kasper Barfoed (Ghost Code) and Sweden’s Mikael Håfström (Escape Plan) were both vying to direct.
  • The film was nominated at the 10th Canadian Screen Awards (Best Makeup & Best Stunt Coordination) and in two categories at the 2021 Razzie Awards (Worst Actor for Scott Eastwood and Worst Supporting Actor for Mel Gibson).
  • “Dangerous” reached the Netflix Top 10 movies in the Netherlands for three weeks. The film entered the TOP 10 of Amazon Prime in Italy, Germany and the United States, where it remained for more than seven weeks. Overall, the film reached the Top 10 in 17 countries across various streaming services.
  • “Dangerous” was produced by Kevin DeWalt, Ben DeWalt and Doug Falconer for Mind’s Eye Entertainment and Falconer Pictures; the film marks Falconer’s last film as a producer, who died suddenly in July 2021 before the film’s release.

Yamashita’s gold between history and legend

The Yamashita Gold mentioned in the film referred to as the Yamashita Treasure is the name given to the alleged war loot stolen in Southeast Asia by Imperial Japanese forces during World War II and allegedly hidden in caves, tunnels or underground complexes in different city. Despite beliefs that the wealth is still hidden in the Philippines and has attracted treasure hunters from all over the world for over fifty years, its actual existence has been debunked by many experts. Yamashita gold was the subject of a complex legal proceeding initiated in a Hawaiian court in 1988 involving a Filipino treasure hunter, Rogelio Roxas, and former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. During his twenty-year long presidency, Marcos was accused of stealing large sums of money from Philippine treasuries. However, according to the testimony of Marcos’ wife, Imelda Marcos, the enormous wealth of the family would have derived from the Yamashita treasure.

University of the Philippines professor Ricardo Jose criticized the theory that the treasure found in Southeast Asia was transported to Philippine territory: “Since 1943 the Japanese no longer had control of the seas… it would make no sense to bring something of so valuable here when you know it will be lost in American hands. The most rational thing would have been to transport the treasure to Taiwan or China.” Historian and president of the National Historical Institute Ambeth Ocampo commented: «Two of the myths about capitalism that I usually encounter are the Yamashita treasure and the rumors that Eduardo Cojuangco Jr.’s riches originated from a bag of money», « For the last 50 years many people, both Filipinos and foreigners, have spent their time, money and energy in search of Yamashita’s elusive treasure», «What makes me wonder is why in the last 50 years, despite all the treasure hunters , their maps, oral testimonies and sophisticated metal detectors, nobody has found anything».

  • A film about the alleged treasure, Yamashita: The Tiger’s Treasuredirected by Chito S. Roño was released in the Philippines in 2001. The film tells the story of a former Filipino prisoner of war and that of his nephew, to whom he revealed the exact location of Yamashita’s treasure, being the only survivor of be aware of it.
  • An episode of the US television series Unsolved Mysteriesfirst broadcast in the United States in 1993, analyzed the fate of General Yamashita’s hoarded treasure.
  • The last part of the video game Medal of Honor: Rising Sun is centered on Yamashita’s treasure.
  • Yamashita’s gold is part of the plot of Dragon by Clive Cussler, a novel published by Longanesi. It is the 10th episode, in narrative order, of the adventures of Dirk Pitt and is set in 1993 two years after the adventures narrated in “Treasure”.
  • Yamashita’s gold serves as a relevant element in the plot of dead minesa horror thriller film released in 2013 and filmed on a remote Indonesian island.
  • The plot of the novel The Garden of Night Mists (2012) by Tan Twan Eng is inspired by the Japanese Army’s Golden Lily plan, the operation that amassed Yamashita’s gold.
  • The story of Rogelio Roxas and Ferdinand Marcos was treated in an episode of the British documentary television series Myth hunters.
  • In the movie Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, towards the end of the film, a mention is made of the Japanese treasure, which treasure would prove to be composed largely of counterfeit banknotes.

Dangerous – The soundtrack

  • The original music of the film is by the composer Todd Bryanton (the children of Cold Rock, The dollhouse – Ghostland, 2030 – Escape to the future, Alien War, The Recall, Dangerous).
  • The soundtrack includes the song “Dangerous” written by Douglas Falconer, Johnny Reid, Thomas “Tawgs” Salter and performed by Johnny Reid,

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