MPC member criticizes the government’s economic policy

– At the National Bank of Poland, at least until the end of last year, we were guided by the fact that this inflation is temporary. We thought we could undoubtedly get a grip on this CO2 emissions trading madness. Even in my darkest predictions, I could not have imagined that the price of gas could be increased in such an abrupt way (…). The Polish economy developed well, which always causes slight inflationary pressure. Additionally, there is a pandemic, which is not conducive to keeping prices short. Now, however, we have a situation that, I am afraid, may get out of control – pointed out prof. Grażyna Ancyparowicz in an interview with BIZNES24 television, asked about the reasons for the record inflation.

As the economist says, she could not have imagined such an increase in energy prices, housing maintenance and, at the same time, a deterioration in the financial situation of slightly better-off people.

– I would like to know what real reasons caused such strong increases in gas prices – emphasizes the MPC member. – To my knowledge, the contract with Russia is still in force, from where 60 percent of the money comes from. our gas. Contracts are characterized by the fact that once negotiated prices are valid for a long time, there may be fluctuations related to the dollar or zloty exchange rate – a member of the Council asked.

“Polityka janosikowa”

– If this social and tax policy is continued, it will be possible to reduce the inflation rate artificially and for a while by lowering VAT and petrol prices – only this cannot be done indefinitely. Later, the price explosion will be even worse – predicts prof. Ancyparowicz.

– Janosikowa’s policy has never led to anything good. I understand that you need to support groups that are helpless (…). Previously, I was optimistic about the 500+ program. But later the “Janosików policy” continued (…). It deprives people of rightly acquired rights, emphasizes the economist, talking about Of the Polish Deal, which, in her opinion, hits the middle class.

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