‘Ms. Marvel idolizes Carol as Monica did

Historical Courses and Recourses: Carol Danvers, as we were shown at the time in Captain Marvel, had on little Monica Rambeau the influence that idols have on their little fans, with the difference that Monica knew Carol personally, and also very well. .. Just as it will happen to the very young Kamala Khan in The Marvels.

According to director Nia DaCosta (who in these hours also said she was annoyed by the girl power scene in Avengers: Endgame), in fact, there are similarities between Monica and Kamala regarding the relationship with the character of Brie Larsonto which obviously the two will now relate in a completely different way.

While Carol and Monica have to rebuild their relationship after all these years, we have Ms. Marvel idolizing Carol just like Monica did as a child. So there are these two adult people who need to reconcile, while this younger person lives a relationship that mirrors what Carol and Monica had. I find it very interesting to see them together in a kind of sisterhood, each with its own point of view“were the words of the director.

Hopefully between Ms. and Captain Marvel things can be much simpler than they were between Carol and Monica! Here, meanwhile, you will find the first details of the plot of The Marvels.

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