Mueller recommends no prison time for Flynn

Trump’s former security adviser Flynn is not supposed to go to jail at the will of special investigator Mueller. The reason: He “significantly supported” the investigations of the Russia affair.

In the Russia affair, former US National Security Advisor Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, could escape imprisonment.

US special investigator Robert Mueller pleaded for a waiver of a prison sentence and justified this, among other things, with his “significant support” in the investigation. Flynn worked with the investigators early on, his first-hand accounts were particularly valuable.

Overall, Flynn should have met 19 times with the team of the Special Investigator. He apparently also handed over documents. In the document published on Tuesday to a US federal court in Washington Mueller wrote Flynn had committed a “serious” violation of law. However, due to his cooperation in several ongoing investigations, a small penalty – including a sentence that does not impose a prison term – is appropriate and justified.

After only 20 days in office Flynn had Last year, Flynn pleaded guilty to lied about his Russia contacts and agreed to cooperate with Mueller. He was the first to plead guilty to the consequences of Mueller’s investigation into Russia. Mueller will clarify whether there were collusion between the election campaign of President Trump 2016 and the Russian secret service.

Specifically, it was about talks with the Russian ambassador to the United States in December 2016 – at a time when Trump had already been elected US President, but his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama was still in office. Because of the affair Flynn had to give up his position as National Security Advisor after just over 20 days. In the course of its investigation, Mueller filed charges against several former Trump employees.

Lately, the US President has stepped up his attacks on the Special Investigator and former FBI chief. He rejects the allegations of illegal cooperation with Russia and calls the investigation again and again as a “witch hunt”.

Many in the US had hoped that the details of the investigation would now be revealed as part of the punishment for Flynn. Essential parts of the document are blackened. Therefore, it is unclear what information exactly Flynn has delivered, which could now bring him detention. The verdict is due to fall in two weeks.

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