Murder in the Florentine, a woman killed: ‘Alleged author found’ – Tuscany

The victim is a 46-year-old woman, allegedly killed by her brother

The alleged perpetrator of the murder of a 46-year-old woman in Signa (Florence), a crime that took place in the woman’s home, would have been identified by the carabinieri: according to what the weapon reports, the perpetrator would be the victim’s brother, 50 years old, found hiding in a shed near the house after his wife reported him missing.

The carabinieri found the 50-year-old this morning in the shelter located near his house from which he had left on Friday evening. It was her wife who brought the story to light on Tuesday evening, going to the Carabinieri station in Signa to report her disappearance since she had not been able to track down her husband as early as Friday evening. Also according to the story of his spouse, the 50-year-old had decided to move away from his home, where he lives with his family, to go and spend a few days at his sister’s house, that is the 46-year-old found killed in her home thanks to the start of searches given by the initiative of his wife. The carabinieri last night, therefore, took action immediately but unfortunately the attempts to immediately trace both the 50-year-old alleged murderer and the woman were in vain. In particular, not only was it not possible to contact the two by phone, but the woman’s house itself was closed and with no one inside already when the same relatives tried to search on the spot. The investigations of the carabinieri immediately took two directions, on the one hand trying to understand if the man – who in the past would seem to have represented suicidal intentions – had made some extreme gesture, on the other hand if something could have happened to the relative since she was herself unavailable for no known reason. Suspicions that have increased over the hours and therefore it was decided to enter the house of her sister, finding her killed.