Music, Gabbani: “Positivity is the medicine against my dark sides”

“I lean towards positivity: I use it as a personal medicine to develop and transform my dark sides”. The rule of life is to Francesco Gabbani which, in an interview with Adnkronos, is told in full relief on the eve of the great
live by Saturday 8 October at the Palalottomatica
From Rome. “I have my own reflexivity, I try continuously, I try to understand myself – says Gabbani, who will be the protagonist of the second great concert in Rome after the one at the Milan Forum – And this leads to suffering sides, but my idea is that to decline it by making it a positive thing, my audience understood that “.

An audience with which the Tuscan artist feels he is increasingly connected: “The more I go on, the more I feel that with my audience there is a relationship based on a purity of intent – Gabbani explains – The bond is driven by beautiful healthy, emotional values, rejoicing together. Before a part of them was moved only by the curiosity to see the phenomenon of the moment, and they got lost along the way, but now the audience that comes to the concerts is the one who has chosen to follow me in everything, even in my most intimate sides “. For this reason, explains ‘Gabba’, “in my lives there is joking, making fun and having fun but there is also attention and respect I would say, when the more intimate pieces arrive. from rejoicing to reflecting“.

After the great success in Milan (“It was very exciting and exceeded all expectations, also in terms of numerical presences, and at the level of emotions – the singer-songwriter says to Adnkronos – I am romantic, a sentimental and I am also interested in that point of sight “), Gabbani underlines that even the one in Rome will be” a live that can be defined in all respects as a ‘concert’. It is true that the Palasport brings with it the spectacular dimension, beautiful lights, engaging screens, but I want to emphasize that it is one show that focuses on music without too many frills. It will be a retrace of the most significant songs of my path, the most popular ones, but it is also an opportunity to perform songs that normally remain hidden in the album and that take their part live “.

Saturday in RomeGabbani then announces “a nice surprise: there will be part of the cast of the series’ A professor‘, with Alessandro Gassmann, for whom the artist wrote the soundtrack’ Spazio Tempo ‘. “A harmonious collaboration has been established with them – explains Gabbani – We have done each other good. This natural bond was born, a pleasure. The idea is to unite in a choral situation with the audience where they will sing”.

The collaboration with Gabbani’s screen could reserve further surprises that could appear in the video, which the artist does not exclude at all: “I am fresh from a first experience in Marco Martani’s comedy – he tells Adnkronos – It was fun as a first experience . It made me understand that acting is a serious thing, but I respect it but it amused me, so I would like to do it. ” In the same fiction ‘A professor’ “a cameo would be niceI don’t know if it will happen but it could happen, we have a close relationship with D’Alatri, ‘Spazio Tempo’ was born from his request “, smiles Gabbani.

After two tours as important as the one in Rome and Milan “I take the liberty to rest, I have been on tour since the summer, there is a bit of tiredness – admits the artist – But I will immediately put the fact of making music to good use new. I’ve already started writing new songs, so in the immediate future there is the will to make them become concrete “. The rest of ‘Gabba’ will be, as always, in nature.” I try to have a fairly constant relationship with nature, my home is in the areas where I was born around Carrara, the Apuan area. For me, the moment of reconciliation and rest is very much linked to nature, that’s where I find myself “.

(by Ilaria Floris)

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