Must-see: Shakira breaks the silence with your style of music it watch the video!

The lovely Shakira is commissioned to break the silence on their musical style in an important interview, which if you have not seen it I suggest you do not waste much time and begin to see it Now!

As we know the talented Shakira he was born in the beautiful city of Barranquilla, Colombia in 1977, and from very young has remained fully involved in the world of art and entertainment.

This made the famous gain enough experience in the art world, because at a very young age she had already taken acting classes, singing and dancing and although at first he began with the dance of the belly, without any doubt, with time he learned how to mate with other musical styles.

Today, it is one of the celebrities most important both in Colombia and throughout Latin america, and this not only by your precious talent, if not also for their charming personality which has helped her become a better person.

All of this has made Shakira be a special guest on many television programs, where we ask for information, or some explanations about his artistic career and personal, and famous for its part must give your opinion about it.

In this last video, the famous decided to give to know why all your music that’s so versatile and inclusive, and it is that according to the words of the singer, she has had many artistic experiences after getting to know many countries of the world, that it is impossible for their music not see sick of all these flavors.

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