“My body changes, and my breasts amazed me”

ROME – The next adventure will be the one with her husband Matteo Giunta in the Beijing Express broadcast. But Federica Pellegrini, despite her farewell to competitions, continues to work in the world of swimming carrying out the project of an academy to help new generations of swimmers grow. The Olympian gave an interview to the weekly Grazia where she talks about her in the round about her life.

The fears after the farewell to the races

“In this first year I have lived on income – He admitted – my dread was that my metabolism would change dramatically from day to day, on the other hand, he has adapted a lot. By doing less activity, hunger also subsided than before, so my weight stayed the same. However It’s one thing to train every daydoing the gym three times a week and water 10 times, it is one thing to do it two or three times a week or when you can “.

The 'Great Beauty': Federica Pellegrini on the red carpet in Venice

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The ‘Great Beauty’: Federica Pellegrini on the red carpet in Venice


“The body changes from a muscular point of view – underlines Pellegrini – at some point my breasts started to get rounder and it blew me away. Man, now I have breasts! These days I wanted to do an experiment: I am training daily to see if my body reacts as it once did and how much can change in two weeks “. Beyond the next television event, Federica Pellegrini wants to continue to make an important contribution to the world of swimming. We are developing a kind of Academy with Matteo – Junta ed – it is the project that I feel most mine because I remain in my environment: it will be a passing of the baton between me and the new generations, I really believe in being able to pass on my passion for an incredible sport like swimming “.

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