«My secrets for perfect hair»

She is universally known as the Woman with Perfect Hair, the one whose unforgettable cut made in the Nineties never stops coming back into fashion. For those who have gone to the hairdresser at least once to show her photo over the years, there could be no better news: Jennifer Aniston opens her own line of hair care products: LolaVie Hair.

«It took me five years to make it – he tells in an interview with Vogue UK – years ago, while I was working with other brands, I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and see how products and the marketing process develop. I liked it so much that I thought I’d give it a try.” Also because who better than her knows the power of a “good hair day”? “When you have beautiful hair you feel incredibly good, that’s why it’s important to find products that can nourish and protect it.”

But what are the Friends icon’s secrets to having such shiny hair (apart from the army of hairdressers available at every outing)? It’s all much simpler than us mere mortals can imagine: washing, conditioner, Glossing detangler (one of LolaVie’s products) and combing. Then, ten minutes wrapped in a towel and drying.

LolaVie products

The first two products that announce themselves as best sellers are the Glossing Detangler, a detangling balm (“the first step when you get out of the shower”, explains Jennifer) and the Perfecting Leave-In, to hydrate and prevent frizz. The price of the balms, sustainable and cruelty-free, according to the site, is around 25 to 29 dollars (less than 30 euros), but for now the shipment does not arrive in Italy.

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