Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan, China-US high tension

The United States “will have to take responsibility” for the consequences of the possible arrival in Taiwan of the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, “and will pay the price”. Word of the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying. “What I can tell you – said Hua in statements reported by the Global Times – is that the US will be held accountable and will pay the price for harming China’s sovereignty and security interests“.

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According to Hua, these “provocative actions” – while news of Nancy Pelosi’s possible arrival in Taiwan continue to circulate – “could lead to the escalation of tensions in the Taiwan Strait, for which the US should and must take full responsibility. “.

Pelosi is expected in Taiwan at 22.20 local time, 16.20 in Italy. The newspaper of the island Liberty Times writes, according to which the speaker of the House should leave tomorrow at mid-day.

Meanwhile, even if it is not “emergency”, the Taiwanese military has “increased” the level of “operational readiness” since this morning “in response to Chinese military exercises”. The CNA agency writes this, quoting a well-informed source who speaks of the “military threat” represented by the Chinese movements.

The same source specifies that a “normal” level of “operational readiness” remains, according to the island’s two-tier system (which China considers a “rebel province”), and that therefore there has not been an increase to “emergency”.

This morning, overflights of several Chinese fighters were reportedly carried out near the midline of demarcation in the Taiwan Strait. This was reported by a Taiwanese official, as reported by the Financial Times, highlighting how China is intensifying military activity around the island and how the military units of the Southern Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army are in a state of maximum alert. according to assessments of military officers from two neighboring countries.

China has also announced another series of war games in the South China Sea that will run until Saturday night. From Fujian, the Chinese province closest to Taiwan, changes and cancellations of internal flights come hints that the airspace could be ‘reserved’ for military movements.

And, according to a Taiwanese official, tension is highest in the Southern Theater Command, the one in charge of the area through which the Pelosi could pass on her way from Malaysia to Taipei. While in the last ten days the patrols of the Chinese Navy in the waters off the east coast of Taiwan have intensified.

Yesterday, the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army released a video dedicated to maneuvers by the Armed Forces with the caption “ready to fight”.


Taiwan “warmly welcomes” every foreign guest. Word of the premier of the island, Su Tseng-chang. Su, quoted by the BBC, said this while news continued that in the next few hours Nancy Pelosi could arrive in Taipei, in the midst of a crescendo of tensions with China, which considers the island a “rebel province”.

White House

Nancy Pelosi “has not confirmed any program with us, she must not, as Speaker makes her decisions, it is her right to visit Taiwan, other Speakers have done so”. Thus the spokesman for the White House Security Council, John Kirby, that “this possible visit, which has precedents will not change the status quo” and the US policy on the one China “, stressing that this was reiterated in Beijing, too. in the phone call between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping.

“Our actions are not threatening”, he reiterated, stating that “there is no reason why Beijing can use this possible visit as a pretext to conduct escalation actions”. And he added that the United States “will not be intimidated”.

“If she goes is not unprecedented”, referring to Newt Gingrich’s visit in 1997, Kirby repeated several times, who did not want to confirm whether Pelosi will actually go to Taiwan, underlining that there has not yet been any confirmation from of the staff of the Speaker of the visit.

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