Naples, Gaetano disqualified for 2 rounds and fined. The reason? A message on whatsapp …

Gianluca Gaetano disqualified for two championship days, plus a 4 thousand 500 euro fine by the FIGC. The reason? A message sent on whatsapp to the colleague of the Como Vittorio Parigini – with the words “Will you leave us the 3 points on Friday?“more emoticons than smiley faces), on the eve of the match against Cremonese (the last of the regular season of last Serie B) which sanctioned the return to A after 26 years of the grigiorosso club.

Naples, Gaetano disqualified for a message on whatsapp

This is the official statement, arrived today: “Gianluca Gaetano, at the time of the events registered footballer for US Cremonese Spa, in violation of art. 4, paragraph 1, of the CGS, for violation of the principles of fairness, correctness and sporting probity, to have, on 02 May 2022, before the Como – Cremonese match held on 6 May 2022, valid for the last day of the series championship B, sent to Mr. Vittorio Parigini, player of the opposing team, on 02.05.2022 through the WhatsApp messaging application the following message: “Will you leave us the 3 points on Friday?” with the addition of two emoticons representing a face in a moment of laughter; noted that the Federal President has not made any observations regarding the agreement reached by the parties relating to the application of the penalty of 2 (two) days of disqualification in the Championship and € 4500.00 (four thousand five hundred) of fine for Mr. Gianluca GAETANO and of € 5000.00 (five thousand) of fine for the company US Cremonese spa“.

Cremona celebrates the return to Serie A

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Cremona celebrates the return to Serie A

Naples: Gaetano wants to stay to play his cards

Meanwhile, a new loan return of Gaetano to the Cremonese seems less and less probable. The 2000-born playmaker has repeatedly stated that he wants to play his cards at Naplesat the court of Luciano Spallettifeeling ready for the proverbial leap in quality.

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