Napoli-Milan 3-0: Rossoneri thud, now the race for the playoffs gets complicated

At the Piccolo Stadium in Cercola comes the third consecutive defeat for the Milan Primavera: pass the Naples 3-0, in a match that, in fact, ended after the first half hour.

As in last Saturday’s match against Atalanta, the Rossoneri appear lackluster and confident. A significant step back from what the boys of Mr. Giunti had shown in the last month and a half. Now gets complicated also the race to playoff areadistant 6 points.

First half

6 ‘GOAL NAPLES: sudden end of Vergara from the edge of the area on the bank of Ambrosino, with the ball that bags itself at the intersection (1-0).

17 ‘GOAL NAPLES: confusion in the Milan penalty area, the former check Coli Saco who anticipates the Rossoneri defenders and finds the winning right foot (2-0).

25 ′ MILAN OPPORTUNITY: Capone jumps over two Napoli players, reaches the bottom and serves Traorè in tow, who fails to corner and finds Idasiak ready.

29 ‘GOAL NAPLES: error by Stanga, who reads the ball’s bounce wrong. Take advantage of it Ambrosino who with a surgical lob overcomes Pseftis (3-0).

Napoli Milan Primavera

Second half

52 ′ MILAN OPPORTUNITY: Capone tries again, who enters the area, jumps an opponent and concludes. Idasiak, however, blocks.

55 ′ MILAN OPPORTUNITY: corner beaten by Capone, the ball arrives on the head of Bosisio who fails to frame the face of the goal.

59 ‘NAPLES OPPORTUNITY: punishment beaten by Ambrosino, with the ball that crosses the barrier, touches the post and ends out.

82 ′ NAPLES OPPORTUNITY: crazy action by D’Agostino, who overcomes all his opponents and launches into a coast-to-coast up to the Rossoneri penalty area. Only Pseftis manages to oppose.

95 ‘After five minutes of recovery, the referee blows the whistle end: Napoli-Milan 3-0.

Formations and scoreboard

NAPLES (3-5-2): Idasiak; Barba, Hysaj, Costanzo; Marchisano (70 ‘Di Dona), Vergara (85 ‘Flora), Coli Saco, Spavone (64 ′ Jewels), Giannini; D’Agostino (85 ′ Fish), Ambrosino (64 ‘Cioffi). Annex: Frustalupi.

AC MILAN (4-3-3): Pseftis; Coubis, Stanga (46 ‘Nsiala), Bosisio, Bozzolan; Eletu (46 ‘Alesi), Tolomello, Gala (75 ‘El Hilali); Traore (68 ‘Omoregbe), Nasti (85 ‘Roback), Capone. Annex: Joints.

Goals: 6 ‘Vergara, 17’ C. Saco, 29 ‘Ambrosino (NAP)

Admonitions: 24 ′ Barba (NAP), 32 ′ Stanga (MIL), 38 ′ Nasti (MIL), 49 ′ Ambrosino (NAP), 51 ′ Vergara (NAP), Alesi (MIL)

Expulsions: /

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