Napoli Monza tickets, prices and purchase info

Tickets for the Championship match Napoli vs Monza, which will be played on 21 August 2022 at 18.30 at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples will be on sale from today at 15.00.


These are the prices:

Posillipo stand € 70.00

Grandstand Nisida € 55.00

Grandstand Family Adult € 15.00 / € 5.00 (under 12)

Distinct upper ring € 40.00

Curve upper ring € 30.00

There are no reduced fare tickets, except for the Family Tribune sector.

At the moment, the lower rings of the curves and the distinct ones will not be offered for sale.


Every fan can connect to the Ticketone website and buy the ticket online. Each fan can purchase a maximum of 4 tickets. The purchase will take place by uploading the digital title on the fidelity card or by receiving the ticket in pdf (print mode @ home). For the latter mode, the fidelity card is not required.

This is the link:

The coupons can also be purchased at all Ticketone points (click here to consult the list). The titles can be digitally uploaded to their fidelity or printed on thermal support (traditional paper ticket) and, therefore, without the obligation of a fidelity card.

The promotions for the disabled and for the family grandstand will be active.

User change will not be allowed of the ticket.

naples monza tickets
Maradona Stadium

Purchase with uploading of the digital title on your fidelity card

This method of sale requires the access ticket to be associated with the fidelity card which must be used both to enter the identification number at the time of purchase and to access the stadium turnstiles by reading the bar code.

Those who purchase the ticket through the web will receive the coupon / placeholder via email, to take with them to the stadium. It will always be possible to print the coupon / placeholder from the link:

The placeholder document must be printed and presented at every request of the control staff present at the stadium, but the placeholder document, alone, does not represent a valid entrance ticket.

In fact, to access the stadium, it is essential to bring your loyalty card, the placeholder document and an identification document with you.

Access to the Stadium must take place in an orderly manner, in compliance with the instructions given by SSC Napoli through its staff, in order to avoid gatherings.

At the end of the race, in order not to create crowds, the outflow will be contingent and regulated by the security personnel. Therefore, the public is invited to stay in their seats and wait for the stewards to get out.

Failure to comply with the protocols may result in sanctions by the competent authorities.

Code of conduct for the Maradona Stadium

In compliance with the provisions of the memorandum of understanding of 4 August 2017 and the code of sports justice, SSC Napoli has adopted the ‘regulatory code for the transfer of access tickets to football events’ (code of conduct).

The code of conduct contemplates all the conducts deemed relevant for the purposes of the application of any sanctions by the SSCN, the various types of sanctions as well as the relative procedures for their application.

The code of conduct is available on the official website The purchase or sale of a free admission ticket to the Maradona stadium automatically implies acceptance of the stadium use regulation and code of conduct.

The Maradona stadium is equipped with a state-of-the-art video surveillance system capable of identifying the perpetrators of the violations of the rules of use and the code of conduct.

The SSCN condemns any violent behavior, even verbal, and any conduct that directly or indirectly involves offense, denigration or insult for reasons of race, color, religion, language, sex, nationality, ethnic origin or constitutes ideological propaganda prohibited by law or in any case praising to discriminatory behaviors or, more generally, that the SSCN deems not representative of its own tradition and sporting identity.

Finally, SSC Napoli reminds its fans to read and scrupulously comply with the requirements set out in the Stadium Regulations and the Code of Conduct.

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