“Napoli will try to do it immediately. It will be war for Verona”

The technician ofHellas Verona, Gabriele Cioffimade some statements during the press conference in view of the match against the Naples from Luciano Spallettischeduled for the day of August at 18:30.

Below, what is highlighted:

“The Napoli we face is a team that is not under construction: they have great quality. They have a very high average score, we expect a sparkling Napoli, of dribbling and willingness, which will try to close the game immediately. My focus was neither technical nor tactical: there are components that should not be underestimated. If a tested champion sees his name in the newspapers every day it is neither hot nor cold, if it happens to a boy from Verona he should give it 99.9%. Despite being professional, our are boys, not used to these pressures. I expect a performance of pride ”.

What have you tried to convey to the team this week?
“That there are no credits in football. They finished at the end of last season. Not being there, everything that has been done has passed: we have to accept a new reality and change our skin. We come from a whole new history: unscheduled players leave, and there is this confusing situation. So we need to reset and make a common front. The past must be forgotten, reset and work. Dirtiest game? Patience. Less good players between the lines? Patience”.

What is your relationship with society? What happened this week?
“I talk, I compare myself and I say what the team needs. Three to four purchases are needed, and I’m sure the company won’t let us down. If we are in battle, we must be first. If I ask the boys for pride, I don’t see why I should talk about the market ”.

Have you had the feeling that your position is no longer firm?
“No. Sometimes the news is thrown out to destabilize, or because it is true. Little changes for me: I know I’m tied to results, I’m here to win games. The reporter does his job, whether it’s to create confusion or because it’s true. But he didn’t touch this thing ”.

Did you expect these difficulties?
“My grandfather taught me one thing: in life there are obstacles, you can’t go underneath, you don’t turn sideways, and therefore you have to jump over them. If the obstacle is higher there is no problem, we change the discipline: instead of the obstacle course we will do the high jump ”.

What is your current state of mind?
“I can’t afford the luxury of not being centered. When I call everyone to arms, how can I be destabilized? I believe in the work I do and in the guys I have. We are these, the battle is this. And if the fans are at the seaside, I invite them to come back ”.

Are you convinced to insist on 3-5-2?
“Simeone is an intense player, who attacks depth many times, Lasagna attacks you instead of quality, not two hundred times. The strength of Verona was the unpredictability between the lines: the characteristics that Caprari had are not replicable, it will not be the same Verona. The sooner we understand it, the sooner we start to achieve results and protect the young people who are there “.


Have you decided who will replace Ceccherini? Did you expect a reinforcement in defense this week?
“I haven’t decided who will replace him. I didn’t expect anything: expectations create disappointments. We expect a siege, we know that we are these, that we are numbered, but that in the paucity of numbers we will find our strength. We have talented young people, but I don’t want to run the risk of burning them ”.

Is there a possibility that Tamèze will play arm in arm?
“Nì (smiles, ed)”.

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