NBA athlete says he kicked a fan out of the game for cursing Kardashian

NBA player Tristan Thompson revealed in an episode of reality show ‘The Kardashians’ the reasons that made him kick a fan out of a match last year. The information was passed on by the American vehicles People and the New York Post.

During the episode, Thompson confirmed the rumor and detailed the dialogue he had with the fan. “It was aimed at you,” he said. Tristan referring to his ex-girlfriend Khloé Kardashian, with whom he shares his daughter True.

He added, citing what the person said: “she talks to different basketball players. You’re just next.” And he revealed his answer: “Listen here man, enjoy the game with your girl ’cause she came here to see me”.

After this, Khloé summed up the situation: “Okay, he called me a hooker and said I date basketball players.” Furthermore, Tristan said the fan actually referred to her as “a whore”.

The situation happened during the match between Sacramento Kings and Memphis Grizzlies in November last year. After the dialogue, the fan was kicked out of the gym.

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