nephew of the star ‘takes a wave’ on the web and sends a message

Manchester United

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Manchester United suffered a shocking rout in the Premier League this Saturday (13). The result against Brentford, away from home, was also marked by Cristiano Ronaldo’s first starter game. However, the 4 x 0 overshadowed the Portuguese player. As a result, one of the attacker’s nephews wasted no time and went viral on social media.

On his Instagram, Dinis Pereira made fun of his uncle’s team and sent a message: “kakaakakaka Mds get out of there uncle”, said Cristiano Ronaldo’s nephew. The Portuguese, shirt 7, was on the field and is still uncertain about his stay at Manchester United for the season.

Cristiano Ronaldo made his first game as a starter today in the 2022 season. Even so, the player still has no guarantees that he will remain. If it was up to the ace’s nephew, the player would have already left. However, so far no proposal that pleases the player and Manchester United in particular has arrived.

“I deal with the players we have and we plan to have him for this season and we are happy. We have to fit him into the team so that he has the right level of fitness so he can do what we set out to do. In all press conferences we have already confirmed that he is in our plans. We planned with him, so we also planned around him.”

Red Devils schedule

After the rout suffered, Manchester United now embittered the Premier League bottom. With 0 points in 6 disputed, Cristiano Ronaldo’s team is now thinking about the classic against Liverpool. The ball rolls next Monday (22), at 16:00.

The question is whether in the coming days of preparation the Manchester United team will still have Cristiano Ronaldo. In the final stretch of the transfer window, not only the departure of the Portuguese can mark the work of the Red Devils. Juventus’ Rabiot could be the new addition to the squad.

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